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MVS Appreciation Thread

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Thought this was the best professional game he's had.  Didn't just catch a deep one or two.  Actually looked like a quality NFL receiver.

I was shocked that Rodgers threw him a back shoulder.  I really don't remember Rodgers throwing him another one.  Maybe he has.  But I think Rodgers is starting to trust him more and more.

It would still scare me to invest in him long term, but for the now, he's more than fine.

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Obviously he has a long long ways to go before he's anywhere near these guys. And their situations/opportunities were different, but most of them took to year 3-ish (4 for Jordy) before they put it all together with Rodgers.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com (pro-football-reference.com)

Jordy Nelson Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com (pro-football-reference.com)

Davante Adams Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com (pro-football-reference.com)

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17 minutes ago, {Family Ghost} said:

All told he's having a nice year, but needs to keep striving for consistency.  I don't want to heap praise on him, because next week he could turn in a turd.

It’s more to create balance in the force.  You know, to offset much of the hate and criticism he’s received.  He still has room for improvement - no doubt. But this thread is about putting good juju in the universe.  

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