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The search for a new Defensive Coordinator

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50 minutes ago, CaliforniaKid7 said:

If Phillips comes is it an automatic 3-4 switch? The other two are more multiple correct?

To be frank, I think a 3-4 would probably suit our D better as is. 

                   Ferrell-Draft Pick-Crosby


Morrow looked decent in coverage and if we used Key as a QB spy/Rush LB, we're still essentially a 4-3 team without having to worry about finding a bunch of DTs (because even if we take 1 in the 1st round, we don't have particularly good ones as is). Keeps our "best" players on the field IMHO. 

Granted, this assumes we keep all of the above players, but I think you get the point. Our depth isn't very good, so scheming the best players on the field should be more important than any particular base set. Regardless, with our D-line being routinely abused, maybe less is more if we have more LBs involved. 


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We don't have that many good players on the front 7 so it's not the end of the world to switch to a 3-4 D imo. I think Hankins could be a NT, Ferrell would be ok at DE, Crosby I don't think is strong enough at DE or fluid enough at LB. Littleton and Kwiat would be ok. 

I don't know, there just isn't much keeping us at a true 4-3 imo.

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2 minutes ago, drfrey13 said:

Crosby would not be a starter but more of a situational pass rusher from OLB.

Which is a shame because for a team that sucks at rushing the passer he's probably our best one. But he has been a disappointment for me given how poor he is vs. the run and how often he abandons his responsibilities. 

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