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Official 2021 Off Ball Linebacker Thread

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On 1/4/2021 at 1:24 PM, Jeezla said:

I'd take Baron Browning over Bolton

I agree, Browning has some big time upside and can play inside or outside.  Athletically he is better than Bolton is.


Bolton is good but Monty Rice is more athletic.  Sure Bolton has not had the injury issues Monty has but if people love the athletic ability of Bolton, Rice I believe is a faster linebacker and quicker.  KJ Britt also is more athletic than Bolton also but not sure he is coming out early or not.  Collin Miller before his awful injury was doing some great things on Nebraska, too bad he got hurt he was really playing well.  


There always seems to be a super productive ILB for Missouri, Cale Garrett and Michael Scherer were two who had great production for multiple seasons on Missouri and neither one has done much at the next level.  Terez Hall has flashed at times in the NFL and I like his power and tackling more than Bolton honestly.  But many teams want that fast athletic linebacker, will see at the combine just how athletic Bolton is, he is compact and built well but not sure he is a super high level athlete or not.  


In terms of a run and hit linebacker Ernest Jones has some promise and is very quick to the ball and Erroll Thompson can lay people out, is bigger but in the right system could be very productive especially at ILB in a 3/4.  



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22 hours ago, Jeezla said:

How big is the gap between Parsons and Zaven? Athletically and as do it all LB's?

Parsons is a front 7 guy at his best near the los. He's hard to block with his lateral quickness and physicality in traffic. He's also got great pursuit speed. Athletically able to get it done in coverage but I'm not sure he has much experience there.

Collins is sudden and fast in space where he can run and track freely. Despite his size though he's not that great in traffic, not especially physical and isn't generally winning those physical confrontations. Big time downhill guy when he does read it but he's guessing a lot and doesn't break down in space all that great atm.

For me, both 1st rounders. Parson's top 15, Collins late first.

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