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Lets talk... who we're resigning.


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We have quite a few players who are set to be free agents coming up. Who do you want to resign and who do you want let walk? Here's my thoughts.


  • Ted Karras to 2 yr contract. He's not been perfect but he's been a serviceable center that I'm unsure we can realistically upgrade given our other needs. Also consistency is important on the OL.
  • Mack Hollins to a 1-year prove it deal.
  • Vince Biegal to a 1-year deal
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 1-year deal if he's willing. Invaluable mentor to Tua and one of the best backups in the league.
  • Nik Needham
  • Salvon Ahmed

Let walk:

  • Davon Godchaux This is the big one, IMO. He's been very serviceable but the rise of Raekwon Davis makes him expendable. While having DL depth is always a great thing, he's almost certainly going to want more than what we should pay for a rotation DL. If he wants to come back on a team-friendly deal, I wouldn't be opposed but he seems like the odd guy out on our DL atm.
  • Matt Breida ... clearly our coaching staff doesn't like him or feel that he fits our offense. Shame we tossed a pick for him but he's a wasted roster spot.
  • Elandon Roberts get this turd off our team.
  • Matt Haack I could go either way here but I think an upgrade in FA is possible.
  • DeAndre Washington Pretty much a one-year rental. Didn't show much versus KC that would lead me to believe he's worth keeping around.
  • Julien Davenport Meh.
  • Everyone else I didn't mention pretty much


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I want Fitz back for another year the most.  I think his mentoring Tua and their relationship is most valuable to this organization.  Keep Karras around as well, as long as he's not asking for the moon.  He's perfectly average at C and we have enough other places to fill this offseason without adding another.  Needham is fine, but I'm not as high on him as others.  Won't care either way if he stays or goes.  Ahmed should be back as depth, as he'll be really cheap. Keep Haack around too, unless he thinks he needs more than $2 million per year.  He's right in the middle of the pack as a punter, and like Karras, we have other areas to focus.


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