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This is finally a game I have been waiting for we finally smacked a team this year. It was not man are we going to blow a lead it was not one of those questionable moments. It was a moment of relief going in to the 4th qtr and just sitting and waiting for the back ups to come in. Something that hasn't happened all year. 

The bad was penalties, and the Roberts turnover. We were up 14-0 and just forced them to go 3 and out having the ball back could have resorted in a 21-0 lead granted we blew them out but if it was any other team this could have been the start of the wheels coming off. We need to get better at preventing turnovers. The penalties are the most frustrating thing about this team. We had 3 touchdowns that were taken back 2 in back to back plays. This is something we can not afford to keep doing. We lead the league in penalties and for a HC that is all about discipline this is a huge issue to have. We need to figure this thing out, even though it meant nothing in this game it could mean everything in the playoffs. Just hope it gets fixed. 

AFC East champs is a great feeling to know well before the season is over, so no more calculating on whether we win the next 2 games and then hoping this team beats X team while this other team has to tie or lose, counting on another team to make a last minute touchdown. It is an awesome feeling to know that in 3 weeks we will be watching the bills play someone in our stadium in Januaray something that has not been said in 25 years. 

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