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Week 15 GDT - Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

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1 minute ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

This really isn't crazy or anything. Looks about right...As for being the second highest tackle? Well, I didn't watch all the games and looks like they weighted the run game part quite a bit. But McGlinchey was really good in the run game off the eye test. Had a lot of success going his direction, especially early in the game. His pass blocking is not good and wasn't good against Dallas, and that grade reflects that. I guess what I don't get is why not just add up the run blocking and pass blocking and then divide it by two or weighed it by the snaps for pass blocking and run blocking. Then his grade would be in the 70s, which seems more accurate. 

I like that idea, and agree is a better representation.

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So just rewatched the whole game for the pod (secondary)
Kind of a strange game. I thought coverage was more often than not solid. Williams, Witherspoon and Mosley all had + days. Ku'ann especially stood out. But the secondary tackling was awful. As soon as Ward went down, the gash plays began. Harris is just not a good player. Harris was suppose to come in as a guy who had athletic upsdie  but could potentially play the short and help against the run..not sure he does either well..or anything. Moore is such an annoyance because you can see the athletic ability, the range and the aggressiveness, but he just doesn't always process consistently or as fast as you'd want. That Gallup TD was a rough watch because he bit pretty hard and was late processing. Really easy TD for Dalton. I might watch another game tomorrow but I think it's pretty clear to me who goes and who stays. a couple toss up...but we're looking at a makeover in the secondary.


Other notes:

Kinlaw is going to be very good

Aiyuk is going to be elite

Mullens is so frustrating..he's just not good is what it really comes down too. He should have had like 2 or 3 more picks. He's late on throws, lacks arm talent..isn't slow but not athletic..Just infuriating.

Wasn't focusing on O-line too much, but it never looks pretty. But I thought the run game was on point, no surprise there. 

Not the greatest game for the LB crew. That Pollard TD at the end was rough to watch. 

I'm officially at the point of wanting us to really dedicate some resources to a returner..like..i'm ok grabbing a receiver in the 4th or a "toolsy" player in the 4th who maybe has less offensive upside but is an elite returner. Not sure who that would be in the draft..but it's been atrocious watching this team on ST's for a couple years now.

probably more will come later on. 





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Dallas is scheduled to come to Santa Clara in 2023.

The 49ers have not beaten the Cowboys at home since 1997.

Thus, in an effort to snap this losing streak, the 49ers should wear white at home against the Cowboys in 2023, which would be the first time the 49ers have ever done so.

The idea is to make the Cowboys wear their unlucky blue jerseys, something that often causes them to lose.

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