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Week 15 GDT - Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

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2 hours ago, N4L said:

This is exactly right, and its why so many people are so confused about how good or bad our team is. The defense is the same way.


Deadly pass rush, we look incompetent 

Bad pass rush and/or bad run defense, we look phenomenal 


Mobile QB, we look like a bottom 10 defense

Non Mobile QB, we look like a top 10 defense 


This week we play a team with a bottom 5 defense, hardly any pass rush, and mediocre corners. Not to mention its MIKE NOLAN as their DC

This same team also happens to have a non-mobile qb. Dalton is good. cooper gallup ceedee are good. zeke is ok. their OL is bad. 

So overall I think we matchup very well with the cowboys and I think we will do enough to win. Which I am sure will make @Matts4313 happy!

Losing? Yeah, I will be happy. But your assessment of our team is a bit wonky.

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24 minutes ago, N4L said:

Enlighten me

  • Randy G is a really good pass rusher along with DLaw (who is better in the run game). The bigger problem is hardly any one throws in us in "blank & long" situations. Because they never actually get there. Our defense will gladly give up yardage, so you are never behind the chains.
  • Our OL is a bunch of nobodies. But contrary to popular belief, they arent horrendous. Depending on the metric or site you look at, they hover between 15-20. The interior of the OL is solid. OTs are pretty bad though.
  • Dalton is not "good" as you say. He is extremely mediocre. But he isnt a statue, he has some mobility.
  • Zeke has been terrible. But Pollard has been a bright star and has started to steal a lot of the reps. Infact, Zekes biggest homer fan last weeks said, and I quote, "Zeke is a bit__".
  • Cooper, Gallup and Ceedee arent "good" - they are all elite WRs with one big issue. Drops. All 3 could be #1 wrs if they could hold onto the ball.


All that said, we are terrible but dont overlook us. We almost handed the steelers their first loss with a nobody at QB.

We made Wentz play so bad that it started the process of getting him benched.

And we beat another mediocre team (like yours) in the vikings.


So just do your job and kick our arse. 

PS: @Forge has a tinypp

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15 hours ago, Melbourne 9er said:

My main question is if Brunskill is no good to go then who is our 5th string Center that will get the start?

Not sure, but apparently we are playing sherm at QB 😂😂


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On 12/16/2020 at 12:32 PM, NcFinest9erFan said:

Mostert is expected to practice later this week and play.

RIP to my DFS Jeff Wilson shares.

I am starting both mostert and JWjr this week

I think both guys get over 100 yards. JWjr will probably get into the endzone as well 

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4 minutes ago, N4L said:

I am starting both mostert and JWjr this week

I think both guys get over 100 yards. JWjr will probably get into the endzone as well 

Are we going to have an offensive line to block for them? 

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