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We signed Lamar Miller off the Bears Practice Squad


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Obviously Miller was a good starter at one point in his career and then he had a few years where he had several injuries including at least one ACL tear and maybe two while with the Texans. I'm not sure what he has left to offer, but it's worth a look. The Bears didn't even use him behind David Montgomery despite the lack of depth they have at the RB spot. BBC thinks ee will be available to play against the Seahawks because he was signed from another teams practice squad but I doubt he gets touches over McKissic or Barber vs Seattle.

The bigger story here though to me is that they are signing a veteran and that must not be good news for Gibby's toe. If I remember correctly, Steven Sims missed 6 games with his toe injury. I know we were all hopeful Gibby wouldn't miss the rest of the season with his turf toe, but if this signing is any indication, that may be the case.


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1 hour ago, lavar703 said:

Seems kinda silly to sign a 29-year old RB when there’s plenty of young guys out there looking for a gig but whatevs 

As @e16bball said in the Antonio Gibson injury thread, that probably speaks to the fact that Leake isn't ready to contribute which, like you I find hard to believe but maybe he's not picking up the offense or something. I'd still think Leake can be a contributor on special teams but the issue is if we needed to play him on offense and he didn't know what he was doing, that would be a huge issue. That's the only thing I can think of.

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