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The Krafts and BB the GM.

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12 hours ago, m haynes said:

3 rd for Cincy taping

That's a joke. Absolutely nothing to do with the actual team or BB, just some johnny-come-lately who's filming for a Patriots doc. A draft pick...


Still it's not as harsh as deflategate, which never actually 100% happened, according to NFL's own bloody evidence.

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9 hours ago, One said:

Do you realize how insanely stupid this sounds?

In spite of:

1. Losing a Hall of Fame quarterback

2. Leading the league in season opt outs

3. COVID completely changing how things are normally handeled

The team still has a realistic shot at 8-8/9-7 and have been competitive for most of the season.

You simply can't fire a SIX TIME SUPER BOWL WINNING coach over a couple of mediocre seasons during a rebuilding period.

Ay Newbie. Careful coming on here and calling our Fournier stupid. He's the man.


That said, good points...

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16 hours ago, Crimmage said:

haha you caught me on this one.. the homer in me says he is still on the practice squad so we've still got a chance of him being the next Ghost! .. but in reality it was a dumb move and he should have taken blankenship.. he was the no brainer kicker to get in this draft. 

Agreed on BB being the ruler of all decisions in Foxboro.. while we can complain about his drafting.. I wouldn't get rid of him because then we would likely have Caserio / McDaniels .. which imo would bomb horribly. BB probably wants to stick around long enough to get both of his kids head coaching jobs ( here or otherwise) then he will be happy enough to leave. I think his kids being on the staff is what will keep him around for as long as they are here. That along with the wins record he needs a few seasons of good football to achieve. 

You are correct on the draft as well.. they don't have their own third rounder ( idr why) but they will have a 3rd comp (brady) and likely 2 4th comps (Van Noy / Collins). I'm not sure how much depth is in this draft but they could easily be used to trade up as well. 


Morale of the story though is for some reason I have more confidence in the future now than I did at the beginning of the season. I still am angry Stidham hasn't played .. but we've seen some nice progress from young guys that I think a good offseason and this team will be in the playoffs again. The real question in my mind now is what would it cost to trade for Stafford? what would it cost to trade up for Wilson? and which is more likely to happen ( with how this season has gone i'm thinking BB wants a Vet QB to end his career not to start a rebuild). 

Just a little humor to start the day.

I still am angry Stidham hasn't played ..


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