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Week 15 GDT - Broncos vs. Bills

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I'd like to see another solid performance from Muti. He had a better performance in his debut than Cush has managed all year. Thats experiment is starting to wear a little thin. Cush doesn't look much better now than he did opening day. Maybe that'd give the staff a good reason to trot out our best five O linemen for the last two games.

Move Glasgow to center with Muti and Dotson on the right and Bolles/Risner on the left. 

Going into next season with Cush our projected starter makes me ill. 


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Does anybody know exactly what happened to Callahan’s foot? I know it’s a different injury than the one he had surgery for, but they don’t seem to be releasing a whole lot of details on it. Gonna get interesting if one of our db’s get hurt today. We only have 3. 

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1 minute ago, germ-x said:

Really liked that drive for Lock until the last throw.  Pure luck that wasn’t an INT.

Agreed. Can’t throw a late out route, especially towards the long side of the field. Really liked everything till then though 

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