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PFT: Should Gruden be getting more heat?

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1 hour ago, G said:

I'm a big fan of Carr the whole time and I don't think he needs more weapons. If Nelson isn't resigned then another vet presence should be added.  Also need a bigger RB especially with Jacob's DUI. I think he's a good kid and won't make that mistake moving forward but a little competition and a different 'type' would help in the red zone IMO. 

We NEED a pass rush. Spend on a vet and maybe two. Draft capital should be used for depth and trading down to add to that capital. UNLESS a STUD fell, then pull the trigger. Doesn't matter what position or side of the ball.(ST not OK) We could use a difference maker. Would rather not use a pick til 38-40 (DB prefer S) and get lots of picks below 80. I really want Hudson's back up and eventual replacement found and them versatile enough to challenge at Guard. Late 2nd early 3rd and a RT early 3rd. All other picks at any position on the Defense. I'd also add another WR if an injured one fell. Carr doesn't need a #1 and spreads the ball well enough to beat the other team with numbers and 'who to focus on changing each week if Gruden game plans as such. 

Your whole post doesn't belong in this thread.  It should've gone into the 2021 draft thread for the most part.

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