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Week 15 GDT: Ravens vs Jags - Keep the Momentum Rolling

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8 hours ago, drd23 said:


Lucky that the Jags have a mediocre OL and don't have a good QB

Honestly the fact that Gardner Minshew is returning makes me somewhat fearful. Luckily Lamar is the great equalizer, but I’m not underestimated their ability to produce better with Minshew in the lineup. Still should win by multiple scores, but the moment he got the nod, I certainly felt a little less confident. I can just see Minshew exploiting Averett and Bonds all game long.

Hopefully Madubuike’s game last week was just the start of a career of living in the backfield, otherwise our secondary can certainly be exploited.

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2 hours ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

Minshew will be throwing more than any of their other QB's, which isn't exactly a goo thing for us.

Yeah and add in a rushing threat in Robinson that will almost assuredly fool Deshon Elliot into creeping and there’s like a guaranteed big play waiting to happen in this one.

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4 minutes ago, baltimoreRebel said:

Yeah, when I seen he was inactive. I almost threw my phone. I don't get it. 

Yeah, Harbs be wilding sometimes. Next question is why is this announcer keep calling Yanni,  Unique? What did I miss? 

I expect the Ravens to win 31-14 with Lamar throwing 2 scores to Andrew's and Gus/JK getting a score each. Let's go!

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