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Week 15 GDT: Ravens vs Jags - Keep the Momentum Rolling

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14 minutes ago, RavensfanRD said:

Yeah, Harbs be wilding sometimes. Next question is why is this announcer keep calling Yanni,  Unique? What did I miss? 

I expect the Ravens to win 31-14 with Lamar throwing 2 scores to Andrew's and Gus/JK getting a score each. Let's go!

That’s how you pronounce his first name. You pronounce it like Unique, only the U is YA. So it’s YAH-Nique.

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I think Lamar was just doing an early heat check, I’m not mad at that. Him and Hollywood on the bench communicating what they’re seeing. The thing I don’t like is that he’s throwing that into double coverage.

WTH would Snead take that ball, he’s not fast. Even Proche probably gets another 5-7 yards there.

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Dez Bryant delivering a great block on that Hollywood Brown play.

WHAT A GRAB by Miles Boykin to climb the ladder, I didn’t know he had it in him. I’m liking what I’m seeing from Boykin the last few games... bringing in Dez has really pushed him it seems. That and getting coverage from the #3 corner.

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4 minutes ago, AngusMcFife said:

I still haven't seen a replay on the INT. Did I miss it? 

Nope. Which is weird. Generally with Lamar bad throws, telecasts focus on it ad nauseam unlike any other QB. Be it just a bad throw or an interception. (I only say this because its unusual for some of the other upcoming QBs, like Josh Allen this season, where they gloss over such things).

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