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GDT: SNF Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

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18 minutes ago, KingTitan said:

I know it doesn't matter in grand scheme of things. But I noticed this too when looking at how their games have gone. 

They've played a lot of underwhelming teams. 


I saw that as well. We had to play Indy twice and the AFC north and the packers division but I don't think it matters in this match up.

The game is about two top 3 offenses. Yeah we've scored the most points but only 3 more than the packers so lets not get it twisted. They are going to torch this defense.

Neither team turns the ball over much. Both with 9 on the year but as bad as our defense has been we are top 5 in takeaways and are +12 in diff. 

So I think the real keys are how we handle the cold weather. Can we run the ball and if they sell out to stop it which I assume they will can we pick up those key 3rd downs. The longer we key rodgers off the field the better but I also have a feeling they are gonna jump on us early and we will come back on them. 

We have have Jackson Butler and King. Thats the best we've had all year so hopefully we can turn into a bend dont break defense when it matters and just make one or two palys. ALSO some luck. But regardless our offense has to ball out. I hope Corey has another big game 

I was nervous but I think we are peaking at he right time and outside the browns game we've been on fire and tbh they came in that game looking for revenge for what we did to them last year idk LETS GET IT. 

Also think steelers beat the colts oh and the Marcus lead raiders beat the phins (Sadly cause I like the phins) so I think we clinch this week  

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1 hour ago, deeluxx3 said:

Call me crazy. I don’t tend to be overly optimistic 

as great as Aaron is and he will definitely put up 28+ on our D

i don’t think GB is ready for our physicality. Especially in the brutal cold. We shall see

I’ve had this as a win since the schedule came out for that reason. While our defense is bad and Rodgers will probably make me look dumb, nothing has changed that for me.

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11 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

tannehill's been getting a lil swaggy lately- surprised he actually said this. hopefully pissed off tanny is good tanny on sunday night!

Not making the probowl probs cost him money in the contract or something lol. But Watson has been balling so hard to say he got snubbed imo. Ry is def having a probowl type season. And all this without our STAR top 3 maybe best LT in the game. But Ryan has always had this fire. Glad he said it to the media.


ALSO random note. I think Evans might be a game changer Sunday and the rest of year. Hoping he can block on 3rd down cause if he can we found a perfect back behind Henry 

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12 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

Hopefully we’re just giving Adoree maintenance days now that he’s back and this doesn’t represent another setback.

Yup those all look like rest days other than AJ. Hes def dealing with a ankle from the browns game. Im shocked hes playing and playing well at that and not out for the year. 

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20 hours ago, TwoToneBlue said:

I think he was playing hurt even in the browns game iirc 

Probs. I just remember him cutting and going down. Thought it was over frfr. Came back in. Id like to lock up the south to give him week 17 off tbh

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