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GDT: SNF Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

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10 hours ago, deeluxx3 said:

Losing Ty McKenzie hurts as bad as keeping/hiring Bowen/Haslett

Truth be told evans never impressed me, yes he’s had his moments & he’s good in Goal line situations but I’ve been saying since he was rookie he plays the game like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing & he doesn’t make a impact if he doesn’t have guys keeping him clean, he can’t get off blocks. Avery Williamson wasn’t as athletic but is by far a better player & he’s bad in pass coverage but Evans is worse 

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12 hours ago, deeluxx3 said:

my thoughts exactly

we gotta be willing to give Tannehill the keys to the car and not be so hell-bent on sticking to the run game

Ya I agree

Sunday Tannehill just didn’t have it 

GB had a good gameplan and Tannehill couldn’t get much going 

But over the past few weeks they have tried to let Tannehill go to work but unfortunately it’s against crappy competition 

If the Titans win the South they can’t turn Tannehill into the 15 pass attempt QB like last year 

AJ Brown and Davis are great receivers, I always feel like if they are going early and Tannehill is slinging early that helps us lean on Henry as the game goes on 

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