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2K20: Game #15 - Atlanta at Kansas City

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Whatever the OL turns out to be, I expect it to play the whole game intact, barring injury. As a unit they need reps. Allegretti seems to have cemented at least a good shot at starting OG next season. Who the other OG turns out to be is an issue for FA and the draft. 

Hill is going to play, though how much remains to be seen.

I think Le'Veon Bell gets a workout. There are bodies available, but I expect he gets 90% of the work, partly to see if he's up to the load. 

Defensively, three of our top 6-7 players are rookies drafted round 4 and later. They will see a lot of action. Particularly if Frank Clark is not 100%. I am hoping our 2nd round rookie gets some more snaps. Last week we went over 90% of snaps with two or fewer LB. 

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11 minutes ago, KC_Guy said:

Experimentation hour  ... somehow  ... 


Do not like the pass to Mahomes  ... too easy to get tangled up in something like this and break a leg ... and the weird dance before again? please  .... 

Kelce was open too lol

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1 minute ago, KC_Guy said:

Again Mahomes to Kelce  .. he seems so fixated on him .. and ATL knows it ...

Yep. Seems like we're forcing it to get him the record. They know they likely won't play much, if at all, next week.

I'd prefer we focus on winning and getting some other guys reps with the 1st team that need it; namely Pringle.

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