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Weak 16: Eagles vs Cowboys- Nobody wants to win

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27 minutes ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Ayyy BRex made the pro bowl! Happy for him. Cox and Kelce too. Down years for both by their standards, but a pro bowl helps those HOF cases (even if a long shot for both).

Nice all the people in my age group made it. Problem I'm 33. 

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1 hour ago, Jroc04 said:

I like Baldy but he speaks a lot in hyperbole. It’s ok just to call it like it is. You don’t have to proclaim anyone anything until he’s there. 

“Jamar Chaney....start measuring for the gold jacket.”

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1 hour ago, Mastercheddaar said:

It's vs a rival. We really don't need a QB or LT so a few spots up on the draft position won't kill us. It's the cowgirl. 

F dallas. 

Go Birds. 


We don't need Dallas drafting Caleb Farley, let them get the W this week and next, then they can draft whoever the CB3 of this class is. A few spots of draft position can be the difference between us getting back a 2nd (or more) or a 3rd if we did trade back.

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I want to see the Eagles destroy Dallas this week, who cares about the draft pick.

We need a shot of Jerruh leaving his grossly-packed stadium in disgust. I don't think the Eagles have won in Dallas in a while.


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