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Week 6 - Rams at Jaguars

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6 hours ago, El ramster said:

We also need better depth this off season.. Get Donald some real help.. Because we only have 2 good Dline men in Brockers and Donald..

Which just shows you how great Donald is.. Longacre, Fox, Tanziel, Quinn and Barwin are not starters in this defense....

Maybe Tanziel as he gets better.. But we are really talented deprived at what it is to be our best positions. 

Morgan Fox is an animal. And I like what Walker and Smart have offered us. Our DL depth isn't bad at all. Our bigger issue is at LB.

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44 minutes ago, El ramster said:



Thoughts on this?

so we're gonna go 4-6 from here on out? lol ...no way! Look at our remaining schedule.  I would be disappointed if we did anything less than 10-6, realistically. 

we're looking at a LEGIT 11-4 season, fellas! 


Arizona Cardinals@ London:  WIN - give us 1 out of the 2 at least

@ NY Giants: WIN - NYG is too broken to compete with us

Houston Texans : WIN - Watson is looking good but I don't think Houson is all that legit.  Without Watt we'll eat em up...just need to stop Watson, which I think we can. 

@Minnesota Vikings: WIN - no qb

New Orleans Saints: WIN

@Arizona Cardinals: LOSS ?

Philadelphia Eagles: WIN ?

@Seattle Seahawks: WIN ?

Tennessee Titans: WIN

San Francisco 49ers: WIN

? = could go either way and possibly give us a loss. 

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I think we can get to 9 or 10 wins. Schedule gets tougher but we're good enough to where we can compete with anybody. Need to keep finding ways to win the close games. Staying healthy will be key.

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All that is computers still don’t believe in the Rams. Humans believe in them, that’s why NFL Power Rankings have the Rams anywhere from 12 to 3. If the Rams go to 5-2 or 6-2, I want to see how the FPI looks at the Rams. I certainly think the upcoming schedule is easy. Cards will be tough but AP isn’t gonna run wild on us. We will slow him down and force an old immobile QB Palmer to beat us. That’s a win for the Rams. Unless the Rams turn the ball over, the Rams should have success on offense. The Cards defense isn’t scary like it was in previous seasons plus PP hurt his quad. Watkins could show up this upcoming week. BYE after the Cards then a fresh and prepared Rams play a Giants team that has disappointed and is beat up on offense. After that it’s a home game against the Texans. That’s a game I’m concerned about for how hot Watson is but it’s still a rookie on the road against Wade Phillips, Aaron Donald defense. Plus the Texans defense without Watt, Mercilus, and Cushing doesn’t scare me. So yeah the Rams can win 10 games this season.

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