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Week 16 GDT: Division Champs come into town

Bills @ Patriots  

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  1. 1. How do turnovers pan out?

  2. 2. Without Gilmore, does Diggs go off?

    • Yes (100+ yards, at least one score)
    • No (under 100 yards, no scores)
    • Hey lays an egg (under 50 yards)
  3. 3. How many TD's can the Patriots score after settling for so many FG's against Miami?

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On 12/29/2020 at 2:48 PM, Crimmage said:

At the end of the day, BB needs to spend some time with Nick Saban this off season. I remember an interview with him where he stated that it used to be good defense beats good offense, but now it's the opposite, good offense beats good defense. With that obviously being the case ( KC / Seattle / etc.) in the NFL as well, what you really want to do imo is invest heavily in TALENT on the offensive side of the ball and COACHING on the defensive side of the ball. This is why I believe it to be possible for this team to turn it around quickly. 

RB and OL are the only areas not needing to be touched this offseason on the offense. Harris / Michel / Taylor could be a pretty good combo going forward with hopefully Burkhead sticking around another year. My hope would be that Taylor was picked up to be put in that James White role when he leaves this off season. Thuney will be gone but Onwenu / Herron will have a full off season to get better and I'm confident we will be totally fine with both of them starting assuming Andrews is brought back. You may add some cheap free agent depth but I think they have a solid foundation for any QB to come in and perform. 

TE imo you have two kids who you really couldn't evaluate at all this season due to awful QBs, them being on IR, no off season, and being the hardest offensive position to transition to on offensive according to BB. Kyle Pitts at 15 is an option, so would drafting another TE but I doubt that's the play. BB has always been obsessed with Hunter Henry so wouldn't be surprised if he gives him a big deal ( I'd rather he didn't because he's so injury prone) but a veteran who can catch like Jared Cook would be fine with me to help the two kids learn. If a top tier potential TE slips to the 4th I'd grab him too ( I was never high on Keene) but other than that I wouldn't touch the position early. 

WR is a HUGE need, but the tough part is that top tier WR now cost 15-25 million. I really doubt BB pays that much money to get a #1, I think it's much more likely he finds another #2 type WR who stuck around on the market longer than expected. I think this is where you need to heavily invest in the draft to get cheap talent who can play right away ( i know, scary given his history). You have so much talent in this WR class that even though Chase/Waddle/Smith will probably be gone by 15 ( it's either a run on QB or WR) I think the play is to trade back and try to get your #1 WR and QB of the future. What kind of return can you get from 14 to maybe 25-28? I'm not sure.. but being in no mans land 14th pick will only be worth it to a team who needs a CB because a run on them will start after 10 I think.. or wants Pitts ( assuming Pats don't want him). You have a lot of WR options at the end of the 1st round, Chris Olave / Rondale Moore are options who could come in and make an impact day 1. I would personally double dip WR because we are so bad at it and grab another guy in the 3rd/4th who is a pure speed threat. 

QB i'm all about getting a veteran and turning this thing around quickly while someone gets developed behind the scenes for a couple years. As long as BB gets his guy idc who the name is personally but I think the person has to be taken at the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2nd. My thoughts on WR could swap with QB ( it really depends on if we see the run on QB or WR first). Mathew Stafford would be great in the offseason if the new Lions GM wants to blow it up but I have a feeling they could go WR in the 1st and build around him because he's still got another 5 years in him. Gardner Minshew is my bridge guy, I think with the right coaching he would be great and he's only 24 I think. Throw the Jags a 4th and you're able to throw the ball next season with weapons around him. Outside of Minshew you grab a late 1st QB or trade back up to the beginning of the 2nd to get one of Trask / Jones / Lance ( I think Lance ends up being the forgotten guy and goes wayyyy later than people expect making him a worthy risk). 

Mid to late rounds go all defense for smart guys who are raw with as much speed as possible then coach them up. This team has always been great at finding UDFA secondary players so keep doing that and spend a majority of your free agent money on good, older vets who are cap casualties to help teach the young guys. Morale of the story, spend top picks on offensive pure talent who can make an impact and use your amazing coach to make a good enough defense to make enough plays to win ( get turnovers when other teams make mistakes and let your team score). This not only makes for a more entertaining product but I think Saban was right in that this is the way you win now, the rules are always changing to side with the offense so BB can't put all of his effort into creating a defensive juggernaut because it simply won't work. 

Sorry for the long post, i'm done venting now ( PLEASE BB don't spend all your effort creating a defense 1st team that only runs the ball!) 

I agree completely with your list. However, I think there's a lot of wishful thinking there. I believe what you've detailed is 100% the way to go, but it would take 2 off seasons

If we double dip at WR, can we still get a QB that we develop behind the scenes, whilst addressing the front 7 vacuum?


I think go all out for Wilson, if we cant - use this draft for WRs and DL/LBs. QB might have to come next year. I personally predict this QB class will go down as a bad one when its all said and done. 


The issue then is...will we be bad enough next season

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I agree, wishful thinking is def there... it's all a matter of how the chips fall and who is available throughout the draft. I personally think Trey Lance is going to fall given his year off and could go at the end of the 1st.. I also think it's totally possible that Dallas trades up and takes Wilson and BB spends huge money this off season on Dak / weapons so that he can make an immediate impact while Brady is still in the league. This offseason could go anywhere imo, I have no idea what BB will do. 

I do believe however it is possible to do it in one offseason assuming you aren't able to trade up for Wilson. If you trade up for Wilson i'm assuming you lose this years 2nd and next years 1st so you need to address all of those positions via free agency. Given that I believe they will have 50-60 million in cap space that's possible.. but I really doubt BB will spend big money on a WR. Given how much you have to spend, I doubt BB gives all that up for a QB .. he's been notorious believing he can win without a superstar QB, he just needs someone who can throw. If Alex Smith were 26 instead of 36 I think BB would take him all day and believe that he could build a team around him to win. I'm not convinced BB will reach for a QB at 12-14 which is why I think a trade back is very likely. You grab a 1st round receiver and get an extra 2nd or 3rd for going back.. which allows you to draft a developmental QB in the 2nd ( assuming BB likes one of them) and double dip on WR with one of our comp picks. 

This assumes that BB goes QB like you said .. he has been adamant that this team needs more help than the QB position so it's totally possible he skips QB all together. Trades back from 12-25 .. grabs an extra 2nd rounder and spends the top 3 picks on offense to set up a future QB. I'm fine with doing that if they trade for Gardner Minshew .. I think he could be great with the right coaches and pieces around him, so I would be all about drafting a later round developmental QB and trading a 4th for Minshew and giving him a year with high draft picks / free agents around him. You could 100% make the playoffs next season with that imo.. and if Minshew fails you can trade away the draft next year for a top QB knowing that you've got all the pieces on offense around him to succeed. 

At the end of the day no point having a QB with 0 around him.. you need both.. so it's either draft immediate contributors or spend the big bucks and get a WR in free agency. 

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