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Josh Jacobs


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I think the one thing Jacobs lacks which will prevent him ever becoming elite is his speed. He can play smashmouth football and run guys over, but he's also shifty and can dance around tackles. Just doesn’t have that breakaway speed.

I’d rank his potential in the 5-10 range, but he’ll never be a top 5 guy.

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Jacobs is in that 8-10 range of starting RB’s. 

He’s powerful, smash-mouth, and honestly his vision is right there with a guy like Elliott, or Bell in his prime,  definitely elite vision. And he’s shiftier and slimmer than most power backs, making him unique. His body packs quite a punch for its size. 

What someone eluded to earlier, is he doesn’t have breakaway speed. Teams have adjusted to that this year. LB’s play him aggressive, not respecting the possibility of breaking one, and he faces a lot of run blitzes. 

To be fair to Jacobs, the run blocking has been worse this year, Richie was the best run blocker on our team, but what a lot of Raider fans won’t admit is that teams not respecting Jacobs long speed has basically become a problem. The guy did run nearly a 4.7 40 afterall. 

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