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Week 16 - GDT - Vikings (6-8) @ Saints (10-4)

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30 minutes ago, Mid Iowa said:

Do you think they don't practice any passes past 20 yards in practice. Niether Hill nor Brees can hit anybody in stride over 20 yards, and anything over 30 and the receivers are having to double back for the ball, and it's usually contested.

Brees still dealing with injury... Arm been dead for years, timing off due to time off. Hill is questioning himself, thinks to much and just simply isnt as talented a passer.

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Just now, Mid Iowa said:

I'm saying it's in the bag. Of course, the Vikings are going to play this out as their season's on the line, but they're done.

No doubt but I'd like another 3 and out for the D. Just so we can put in Winston and our back ups and run down the clock.

Also rest Rammy and Armstead. Please Payton.

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1 minute ago, whodatworm23 said:

Running is always great when its working... Vikings kinda depleted on defense right now.

Certainly. And we gotta get that feel back, that whole mojo thing you get in preseason.

I just wish our D could close out games.

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