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What Song Are You Listening To?

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11 hours ago, TENINCH said:

Nope. Not even close to being bad. 

Fine. Very generic then. It's literally like a billion other 90s country songs except Billy Dean has little to no vocal range. It's a Blackhawk knockoff with a vocalist that couldn't hold Henry Paul's jockstrap. 

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Those familiar with my all-over-the-place music tastes know that I'm nowhere near what could be called an EDMhead, but that I do get down with creative producers with a catchy groove.  Been listening to a lot of Starcadian recently, specifically 'New Cydonia' and ' Alternate Space.'  There's a clear Daft Punk influence to this guy (which is refreshing with how much proliferation dubstep has gotten), but also the first thing that will standout is his obvious love for 80's music.

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Turned on by the death toll I wear a doomsday rainbow

The whole world's on a tightrope

We laugh our way to the gallows

When I wear a doomsday rainbow

The light that dormant moons never spill

Our time is up, Our time is up, Our time is up

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