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Raiders v. Dolphins GDT.

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2 hours ago, Nightmare said:

You can tell how well things are going with the Raiders by when our gameday threads are created.

A few weeks ago, they’d go up on the Monday after a Sunday night win. Week 16, it’s 7 hours before kickoff...

And there is no action.  Hopefully it is a good game and we get a chance to see what some of the young talent can do.  We still have a chance but I do not see the Ravens losing to the Giants and the Bengals.  Much more likely that Miami loses both games.

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34 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

At this point I just want to see some individual performances. Ruggs/Edwards and Waller. Want them to end the season strong going into the offseason. 

On defense.... lol not even gonna bother with that one. 

This is when we will start to see if Guenther was a problem.  Marinelli had 9 days to prepare the players so I would expect to see an improved team out there tonight,

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So it looks like Carr is starting, but still no official announcement anywhere. Really weird.


Dolphins 35

Raiders 23

Dolphins D is extremely good, and a bad matchup for our offense. I also see Tua and Gaskin lighting up our horrendous defense.

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42 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

Dolphins play a lot of single high safety they put a lot of trust into their CBs would be a good time to take shots deep with Ruggs on a double move.

If Gruden could know when to actually take a deep shot and when to run, that would be great.

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Things to look for:

Does Gruden finally grow a pair and stop settling for FGs on 4th and goal?

Does Gruden finally learn how to call plays in the red zone?

Are Carr's balls healed?

Which scrubs do we trot out on defense that couldn't make other teams' practice squads?

How many times will commentary butcher Tagovailoa's last name? 

Do we get our 4th sack of the year? (Only slight sarcasm there) 

How many times is a WR left without anyone within 5 yards of him tonight? 

Will Trent Brown actually play? 

Tune in to find out!

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