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Raiders v. Dolphins GDT.

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Gruden and Carr both LVP Equally. Gruden’s conservative BS, and terrible redzone play calling. Carr was terrible majority of the night outside of that Agholor throw. 

Props to Defense who did much better than expected and to Darren Waller. 

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Just now, baltimoreRebel said:

Your coach and your team is a joke. How do you get a face mask at that point in the game? Duck your heads in shame and pray there is a God that can help your franchise. 

lol salty cause of your playoff chances died 

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1 minute ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

I mean can you really expect the raiders to give up 50 on one play?

What difference do that make?. We did it against jets. Anything can happen. They way gruden played it was if field goal puts us up 3 or more. It was dumb. You go score on 3rd down. 

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Just now, raidr4life said:

Yes and atleast if you took the td they would still need another 50 to score.

I see where you’re coming from but it’s the difference between 19 seconds to get in field goal range and 1 minute to get a td. Either way you can’t expect the defense to do what they did.

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