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Who would win? Ravens V Colts


Which team would win if they played on a neutral field today?  

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  1. 1. Which team would win if they played on a neutral field today?

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While I wouldn’t want to play the Colts again because of that ferocious defense and it’d be a tough game... the Colts were without TY Hilton, but we were without Marlon Humphrey and both Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams went down in like the 1st quarter of that game.

The game was also in Indy for a “home field advantage” (for what that’s worth during a covid season). So I’m not sure this is the best hypothetical. There’s nothing to suggest that the Ravens lose if fully healthy.

That said, again, they would have a strong shot of winning. I’d put it at roughly 55/45, Ravens. Play the game 10 times, they win 4, maybe 5... which means it wouldn’t take but a few inopportune bounces of the football to lose a rematch by 3-10 points. I’d honestly rather play the Titans or Steelers again... and those are games that we lost. Steelers are obvious. The Titans would be returning some DBs for the game, but with BWill and Campbell, I like our chances at blocking a few more passing windows (Campbell) and stopping the run with far less run blitzes. That and since both have returned Justin Madubuike has absolutely broken out the last two games. Could pose increased difficulty on passing downs. Add in Lamar looking a bit more accurate and the offense having a bit better an identity after Boyle having gone down... and I’d probably put our chances at 60/40 in a rematch... probably more like 57/43... but I’m rounding up.

But at this point, it won’t matter. The Ravens will finish 11-5 and miss the playoffs, so we won’t be getting any potential rematches anyway. Hopefully this somehow at least leads us to Kyle Pitts or DeVonta Smith somehow falling down boards to our pick.

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