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GDT: Philly gonna puts the Hurts on Dallas

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3 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

Well, if you want Jerry to have to dace the music of how poor this team is, we need all the ball records, bad play we can get. 

They just keep wracking up though. And people continue to buy merchandise and attend the games. So nothing will change. 

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2 minutes ago, BigD88 said:

It was his fault.

It doesn’t matter that Jackson ran 65 yards before the catch if he ran less than 6.5 yards before gaining separation. 
Awuzie’s transition was horrible.

we will just have to disagree totally.. sure Awuzie was not perfect in the first 15-20 yards of the route as Jackson did double moves before cutting across the field... still before Jackson cut across the field Awuzie was in step but just didn't have the foot speed to keep up...   

YES Awuzie is not a perfect CB.. but he is better then a lot of other starting CB's in the game and IMO would start for almost half the teams in the NFL..   the problem is we expect him to cover man to man at the level of Dion based on how his teammates play around him.  OUR CB get zero help on a regular basis down field from the safety's our DL...  

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