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The Jacksonville Jaguars secure the #1 overall pick; Trevor Lawrence

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8 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

Congratulations guys. You guys deserve him.

Do you think Glennon or Minshew will be back as the #2 QB? I feel like Glennon could be good to have around as an experienced QB behind Lawrence.

When we were locked into the #2 pick, I assumed that Minshew would be starting the first few games until we handed over the reigns to the new guy. With Lawrence, I think he’s probably a day one starter and that changes some things. Minshew might garner some draft capital from a team who won’t be in a spot to get one of the three top QBs. If that doesn’t come to fruition, I’d expect he’s the backup though.

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5 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

just something fun to think about:

Would you take:

Sam Darnell

Mekhi Becton

Jets 2021 and 2022 1st

Seahawks 2021 and 2022 1st (owned by Jets)


Jaguars 2021 1st round pick

Would you do that? 

Absolutely not.

under no circumstance would I justify playing around with an opportunity to get a franchise QB. None.

The only deal I’m taking is Mahomes for the pick. Anything else, you can keep it. Do not care. 

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1 minute ago, LinderFournette said:

what about josh allen or Deshaun watson and a few 1st?

Allen, no. He’s made great strides but I’m not 100% sold that he won’t turn out like Goff. I would need 100% assurance I’m getting a franchise changing QB to make the move, and even 95% with Allen, can’t do it.

Watson and picks, I’m leaning no because I do not want any team in the division to have a chance at a QB better than our guy. Watson is making the strongest case for the 4th best QB in the league, but if Lawrence turns into Manning (which is his ceiling), we’re probably still not the best situated in the division with a QB and will always be looking at a division rival as one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Give me the guy with the highest ceiling and floor. 

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