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Week 16 Mock Draft

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2 hours ago, BayRaider said:

Fair enough. I think Wilson and Fields will separate more before the draft, but I agree the “consensus” is pretty sticky at the moment. I personally like even Lance more than Fields. Lance is a risk, big risk, but he has potential to be a Top 5 QB. Wilson also has potential to be in that 5-8 range. Fields I actually also like (I like all Top 5 QBs in this draft, which is rare), but I think he is going to have a very Matt Stafford career where he sits in that 12-13 range of starting QB’s, with a Top 10 season mixed in here and there. 

Lance is probably my #6 QB right now i don't like him as much as Mac and Trask. Which i know is not the norm for most boards.  Im not against trading down as well if im the Falcons and taking a QB like Trask or Jones later in the 1st if the value given to us is great enough to do so.   MY QB board right now is  1. Lawrence  2. Fields  3. Wilson  4. Trask  5. Jones  6. Lance    I don't hate Lance i just has how much of a risk he is that early and if im drafting in the 1st i want a QB i have more faith in hitting what i know he is.  In the late 1st early 2nd though im more than fine taking Lance as a upside pick. Because like you i like all 6 of the top QB's in this draft atleast somewhat.

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9 hours ago, nozzyboi said:

Anyone wanna change their opinion on Justin Fields?

I think i will stick with my Fields as #2  QB as you can see quoted above you :P    And im still taking that Fields pick you gave us and being happy with it :D

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