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Week 17: VIKINGS (6-9) at Lions (5-10)

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On 12/30/2020 at 1:54 PM, PrplChilPill said:

That is an insane take. Insane. Walker was one dimensional and wasn't FAST once he was here. And, we are talking about while he was here.

I think your memory may be doing you a bit of a disservice.  Look at this video and let me know if you still think he wasn't fast while he was here.  The Vikings highlights begin at 4:37.  In addition to that, if you watch the Cowboys and Eagles highlights there were actually a few plays where he caught some fairly deep passes for a running back.  I'd say he was no more one dimensional than Robert Smith was, and he was a far more dynamic runner with the ball in his hands.  After watching this video, I was even more convinced that I'd take him over Smith, and yes, even Chuck Foreman.  Herschel was the 2nd best running back the Vikings ever had.  The problem was that there was obviously some kind of disfunction in the coaching staff, because they sure didn't get what they should have out of Herschel.  It would have been interesting to see what an offensive minded coach like Denny Green could have gotten out of him compared to crusty old Burnsie.


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11 hours ago, mattyice0401 said:

Could we start Oneil at LT and see how he looks? Maybe we don’t need to worry about the LT position because the solution is already on our roster. 

I’d assume Cleveland moves to RT? Both guard spots become a major problem in this scenario and Reiff is at least serviceable. Or does Reiff move to RT?

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12 hours ago, vike daddy said:

does this mean we won't even try to kick field goals?

This isn't the first week Bailey has been questionable. He was questionable for all of December and Zimmer kept putting Bailey out there. I think he'll do that again.

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Dozier getting run through early and often. How the team can continue to trot him out there is beyond me. 

Now O”Neill gives up the sack. 

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