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Week 17 GDT - Broncos (5-10) @ Raiders (7-8) - Just end this nightmare

Who takes home the W?  

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  1. 1. Who takes home the W?

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    • Donkeys
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On the plus side I could see all 5 6-9 teams winning this week if we lose.  I am not sure where we would be with tie breakers but our draft position would improve if we lose.  I do not like how the NFL does draft tie breakers.  If anything they should try to use head to head instead of strength of schedule and if there is no clear difference just use a snake format.  Other than that I would like to see Mariota and the young guys play together.  No need for Carr and other players we are not going to to get rid of.

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9 hours ago, Frankie2Gunz said:

Does anyone want this worthless win?  I want a better draft pick so hopefully we lose and heads roll on this dumpster fire. 

Absolutely, I want to win every week, every game, every pre season game, every practice. As should every player, coach, assistant, water boy.......

It's the f'ing Donkeys, anyone not wanting to win should be ashamed  😁😁 

Its the end of a tough season for us, but this season has been played in extraordinary circumstances with millions losing their lives and loved ones over the world over the course of the year so not making the playoffs while incredibly frustrating after such a great start is not the end of the world. Let's finish this season with a 40 point demolition of the Donks' and see who should be integral to our plans moving forward 🍻

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6 hours ago, Frankie2Gunz said:

Does anyone want this worthless win?  I want a better draft pick so hopefully we lose and heads roll on this dumpster fire. 

What heads do you want to see roll? Two things are pretty clear at this point . Gruden already dumped Guenther. And second, Gruden has used the injury/covid excuse as cover for all criticism. Literally all season this has been his scapegoat for poor performances. 

IMO, Gruden believes injuries/covid caused a lot of the problems and things stay status quo with addition of a new DC who likely won't be a splashy hire. 

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6 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

I think we get it together just in time (lol) and potentially blow out denver. Useless moral victory.

Conversely... after how they lost the last game and Gruden's tone this week. I could easily see them coming out defeated, flat and putting up no effort. It will also be cold in Denver where this team never comes to play.

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I think Lock and Jeudy have something to prove. Lock will want to have a good game and show he can torch our crummy secondary, while Jeudy wants redemption for his 5 drops last week. 

On our side, pretty sure Jacobs wants to break 1,000 yds rushing, and Waller wants to finish strong and get to 100 receptions, maybe 10 tds. 

Could make for an interesting game, although I don’t really care about the outcome. Would be nice if the Raiders could manufacture a bunch of touches/targets for Ruggs and Edwards. 

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53 minutes ago, oakdb36 said:

Jeudy has been worse than Ruggs. People are gonna bring up yds and receptions but his efficiency is abysmal. Worst catch rate in the league. And that's not only that last game.

He really has. 15 targets and dropped 5 last week alone. Been a problem all year. Even going back to Alabama, he had issues with drops so will be interesting to see how he grows from here. For a WR a lot touted as a sure thing, he's been anything but. 

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