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Week 17: Falcons (4-11) @ Bucs (10-5)


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We're playing for the five seed. Win and it's ours. Or we need the Rams - who are starting a new QB - to lose to the Cardinals.

This is important because we'd play the winner of the NFCE.


Also, and more importantly, Mike Evans needs 40 yards to be the only player to ever start their career with seven straight 1,000 yard seasons.


We also have three guys (JPP - 9.5, White - 9, Barrett - 8 ) all pretty close to 10 sacks on the season. If they pull it off, it'll be the first time we've ever had three 10+ sack guys the same season.


We're 11 points away from the highest scoring team in team history. 12 points away from being number one outright.



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That's gonna be an interesting game between the Rams and Cards. The Rams were just looking like the best team in the NFC and now they gotta play with their backup QB against a good Cards team, to get in the playoffs. Crazy. 

And the Falcons will be playing some inspired spoiler football I guarantee it. It'll be a good test game to come out ballin before heading to the playoffs. It'd be a bad look and shake their confidence big time if we lose. 

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8 hours ago, indifference said:

Raheem morris got them playing inspiring ball. This should be a W for us but we cant rely on teams making mistakes ie dropped passes. We should light them up and win but defensively we’ll need to attack

Agreed. Division rivals love to play spoiler at the end of the year. It's all they have...

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1 hour ago, ravishingone said:

Run the Falcons off the field.  At home, Falcons last game of season, take it to them and make them want to get on the bus early.  Take the 5 spot like a good team would.


Couldn't have wrote it better myself 

Let's show everyone this 3 game winning streak momentum is for real and run these birds out of town

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