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Week 17: Browns vs Steelers - PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Browns
    • Steelers
    • Us because 2020 is over

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10 minutes ago, hornbybrown said:

Our LB’s are bad at it as well. Makes me think the coaching needs to improve in that regard. 

Agreed. It’s a problem with everyone. Tackling shouldn’t be an issue on any defense unless it’s not prioritized in camp and practice 

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52 minutes ago, Thomas5737 said:

Bryant is 3rd on the team in drops (Landry, Hunt) and has a 63% catch percentage (ahead of only OBJ).

If we get the other guys back those two aren't big negatives.

It shocks me that DPJ of all people was more pro ready than all of our rookies (except Wills).


His athleticism was the only thing that was ready to go day 1.

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14 minutes ago, Dawgpoun8017 said:

great tackling seems to be in the minority NFL Wide

True. Teams go for speed and athleticism. Tackling is almost ignored when it comes to prospect scouting. It seems like a plus, but never a deal breaker. We need to go heavy on the guys with great fundamentals rather than physical talent. 

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17 minutes ago, Thomas5737 said:

Baker's passer rating throwing to him is 157.1.

That doesn’t surprise me.

I will still debate Mind Character to the end about DPJ. His ceiling to me is Josh Gordon without the issues.

He was screwed over by Michigan’s QB situation and clown show offensive scheme.

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