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The interconference position rotation


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In 2020, these were the divisional assignments for AFC-NFC games:

AFC East VS. NFC West
AFC North VS. NFC East
AFC South VS. NFC North
AFC West VS. NFC South

These should be the assignments for the positional AFC-NFC games next year. And the divisions that play full interlocking schedules next year (like AFC North VS. NFC North) would be positional games in 2022. And so on and so forth.

The idea is to allow highly anticipated AFC-NFC games to happen two years in a row sometimes.

For example, Seattle played Buffalo this year. Since they both won their divisions, they would meet next year, and possibly that game could take place in Vancouver (where the crowd would overwhelmingly favor the Seahawks). Vancouver would thus become the second Canadian city to play host to a game between these teams - Seattle took part in the Bills Toronto Series (which itself could be occasionally revived as a result of the 17-game schedule) in 2012 (the same year the Seahawks were involved in Fail Mary against the Packers on MNF).

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