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Other Teams Hiring Our Staff (for GM or HC) - News and Discussion

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26 minutes ago, famousj said:

Yeah. expect the Jets to players to pilfer more players and coaches from the Ravens for their same-ol-jets team.   

IDK. There might be some of that, but given the HC and OC have come from SF I think there's a fair chance they'll target 49er FAs the coaching staff is already familiar with too

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3 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

Love what I've read on Hewitt the past few days working his way up the ranks there. Any thoughts on him from you guys?

I remember I used to hate him when he was our secondary/CB's coach back in the 2013-2016 days. Just a god awful secondary coach. He seems to have improved but I mean we've invested a TON of talent into our secondary, and most of those guys haven't really been "developed" except for Deshon Elliott and Chuck Clark (not sure how much Hewitt has to do with those guys specifically).

Our pass defense has been pretty solid for the last couple of years, I just don't know how much of that is pure coaching or pure talent or a mixture. I will say that Wink and Hewitt seem to put guys where they thrive the best and let them play like that.

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