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New QB options/opinions moving into 2021

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I do think Jones stock will rise the closer the draft gets but like always... Once people stop watching game film and focus more on workouts in shorts and shirts, prospects like Fields, Wilson and Lance will seprate themselves from Jones.


A little dirty secret in the NFL scouting comunity is that many offensive coaches are lazy. Funny but its a term used by scouts as to why coaches perfer the more athletic player because those guys can save a coach from a bad play or a GM from a bad oline. Players like Jones are still valued but only once the athletic guys are off the board.


This is something that could potentially work in the Saints favor regarding Jones.


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I actually doubt the Saints even consider drafting a QB and look to FA. For some funny reason, I think Wentz get let go and SP salivates at the prospect of resurrecting the young-ish QB's career. That's best case scenario as far as I see it though.

As previously mentioned, we will have too many holes to fill. I think of all the personnel due to leave at the end of this season, Hendrickson is the front runner to stay.

With that said, my second most likely scenario is Winston comes back and competes for the QB position on an equal playing field with Taysom Hill. And, I would be willing to bet if this scenario played out, Winston would get the well deserved nod over Hill. I think Winston's abilities at the QB position and his maturity beat out Hill for the job. 

Hill is way too valuable as a gadget player to be in the full-time QB role.

My prediction: Winston gets a chance to shine and we draft a speedy WR in round one.

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Yea, I’m on board for not drafting a QB, at least not this year.  I believe Winston will be more than serviceable, and if it doesn’t work out, Sean Payton won’t put up with too many seasons of sub par QB play.

As long as Payton’s here, offense is least of my worries.  May not break records, but we’ll always have a good offense.

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