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We Got Snacks

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5 minutes ago, {Family Ghost} said:

Hopefully he's up to speed and ready to roll for the playoffs.  At worst he's a guy that can occupy some blockers and let others eat.

Snacks will get some snaps, but given his age and lack of recent production, it’s not likely we’ll see him on the field a lot.  I hope he brings a good, fiery attitude to the room at the very least.

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Snacks twitter post

"I want to thank my teammates and the Seahawks for allowing me to be a small part in the 2020 season. Wish it didn’t have to end but it’s time for us both to move on. All love 12s"


coded message that he wanted to play with Rodgers. Yep!

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1 hour ago, HighCalebR said:

Click into it to see Harrison say "bingo"

Yup, at Harrison's age and with the mileage he's got, he's not just going to go play a week for a team not in the playoffs or a team whose playoff chances are basically theoretical (e.g. an NFCE team).  He'd like a ring though, so he'd probably be fine with any of the teams he thinks have a legitimate shot at the 'ship this year. 

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