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Travis 'the record setter' Kelce, "best receiver vs Zone'

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In tribute of our record setting TE on his amazing season, I want to document some of his work. 

Credit for videos and analysis goes to Matt Lane, of Arrowhead Pride


Kelce being the best receiver in the NFL against Zone is a bold statement, but you can back this up.

After Kelce influences the back-side hook defender to stay home, the defender reacts to the running back working out into the flat. When Kelce sees that, he immediately sits down — even working back toward the opposite side of the field. All of the underneath defenders are flowing one way. Kelce is aware enough to not only influence them but then also settle in behind them. And then after finding the soft spot in the zone and making the catch, he works his way through the secondary for big yards after the catch.

He isn't as fast as he used to be, but his control is better. Subtle movements to throw off defenders angles. He's a master of that.



The bottom video (above) is Kelce on an Iso play. He's the best in the league at this from the TE spot too.

On this play, Kelce comes off the line vertically. He swims up and over the cornerback with his outside arm. At this point, the play is over; Kelce is just too strong for the defensive back to re-route him or try to close the distance. Kelce easily keeps him at bay, then using his strong hands to shoot out and grab the football — and keep going for extra yards after the catch.

Out on an island against Kelce, you can’t blame a cornerback for respecting an outside or vertical stem.



That's also Y-Iso, and he torches Lattimore. One of the best CBs in the league. We may see them again

Somehow, defensive pass interference isn’t called but the defender doesn’t have much choice: he can’t overplay inside, outside, deep or short because Kelce can beat him in all four cases.

Given Kelce’s size and strength advantage, all it takes is is for the corner to have one mistimed step; Kelce can box him out making the throw wide open.




The top video shows his subtle nuance of route running - His release — all the way up into the stem of his route makes it look like he is just running a rub route to free up the receiver to that side. As he comes off the line of scrimmage, he squares up where the cornerback over the outside receiver is going — as if he’s trying to run right at him to free up the receiver.

The bottom one should have been another TD but Pat wasn't quite there. Look how bad he makes that corner look. That's not a WR...that's a TE


Bring it home again, Travis

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On 12/31/2020 at 9:35 AM, onejayhawk said:

Gotta love Matt Lane. He has to be one of the top ten NFL writers in the country. I wonder how long it takes NFL teams to recognize his talent and offer him a job. 


I definitely enjoy the content he posts

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