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The Florida Gators thread


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5 hours ago, RedRider said:

I'm wondering about the implications of the whole "buyout" situation with Jim. I'm sure Florida has really deep pockets, but if you have to pay him his buyout, does that hinder your options for the next HC search? I'm a Nebraska fan and I'd rather see you guys spend big bucks on Bob Stoops or someone of equal stature than spend $5M on Scott Frost.

Florida makes more than enough money to afford this and go get a top head coach. 

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15 hours ago, eggybucsfan31 said:

Fire Mac ASAP and get a jump on everyone else. IMO first you go to Stoops and offer him whatever to land him or make him say no, if he does, go all out for Frost before Nebraska cans Riley. 

If we can't get either of them, settle for Miles I guess (I'm assuming that Fuente isn't leaving VT) and hire a young OC or DC to be HCIW like you would with Stoops. No to Mullen and no to Norvell. 

Nah. Les is at the bottom of my list. I'm making a lot of calls before I settle for him.

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41 minutes ago, pf9 said:

time for Jim Tressel to have his second chance

he's served his time, while it would disqualify him from the ND job for a while, I think he's learned his lesson


You bring up Saint Tressel for Notre Dame constantly and now you want him to go to Florida? He's about to turn 65, is as stereotypical Midwest as it gets and has what is probably his second dream job as President of the school he made his bones at. The guy doesn't want to coach and even if he did he would be an awful fit at UF. Give it up, man, jeez.

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What can you say? I believe in second chances for certain people. And 65 is not too old to coach. Belichick is doing quite well at that age. Maybe past 80 is too old (Paterno should have stopped there, Bowden did).

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