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The Florida Gators thread


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6 hours ago, eggybucsfan31 said:

Possibly, but I wouldn't be so sure, there's definitely smoke.

I haven't been keeping too close of a watch. Other than the Vilma comments (that were a joke) and rumors on the Florida forums, what smoke is there?(and I won't say that rumors aren't smoke, but look at Tennessee fans and Gruden)

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm seeing what you're talking about.

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There's a ton of smoke going around about Frost right now (bidding war between us and Nebraska, etc) - however, and this is just my opinion, the next coach is either Norvell or Mullen. I don't know if we can offer Frost what Nebraska can and I don't know if we can afford to wait for him to leave UCF. I also don't know if Tag will be willing to up and leave after a year. 

I think Mullen is #1 and Norvell is #2 and after those two it's a crap shoot - if you read the insider boards it's Frost, Tag and Kelly, though. I'm just purely specualting. 

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12 hours ago, jrry32 said:

If Chip Kelly to UF doesn't happen, there will be so many angry UF fans. There's so much smoke right now that it's going down this week. #ChipChat




Confirmed that UF is looking at Chip Kelly as next head coach. Decision could be as soon as this week. Also heard that Florida was becoming very frustrated with Jimmy Sexton, who represents many other potential candidates. Chip is represented by David Dunn.

— Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner) November 13, 2017


not sure how reputable but interesting to say the least

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Just now, Carmen Cygni said:

Don't leave out Lane Kiffen as a consideration. I personally would (leave him out) but there's some speculated interest in Kiffen being talked about for UF's HC job.

If we're turned down by Kelly, Stoops, Frost, Taggart, Norvell, Mullen, Miles, Strong, Campbell, Muschamp and Fuente, then Kiffin comes in play. He's like plan X. 

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