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BDL Discussion Thread 2021

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14 hours ago, Ragnarok said:

Good mock, but I'm not taking Etienne at 30.

I'm not taking him at 29 for sure.

Nixon would be a reach there as well. He's likely a RL 3rd rounder despite the upside.

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1 minute ago, Blue said:

One guy 15 years ago, great example, definitely representative.

It is. You just don’t like it because it counters your statement. Go teach your students you don’t have. Or the Mongolian ones. Either way.

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Just now, Blue said:

Did I ******* say no JUCO players ever have panned out

I just don’t want you to be leery. Rest your leers. I am here to provide you comfort. Don’t curse. It is not necessary. 

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