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BDL Discussion Thread 2021

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11 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

But does he wind up with an overpaid BDL contract for two years?

It's incredible that you think 6.5k/year is overpaid.

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1 hour ago, Scoundrel said:

It’s sad everyone bashing on Moses. Poor Blue puts one guy on the block and takes shots from all angles. It’s very interesting. 

A guy I'm perfectly happy to keep on the roster if nobody is willing to trade for him at that, lol

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1 hour ago, Ragnarok said:

Unless Rodgers retires.  In which case I'm picking #1 overall.

Truth. I mean I'm hoping in terms of BDL, that doesn't happen. Would be kind of crappy for that type of situation to occur to anyone

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