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BDL Discussion Thread 2021

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2 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Yes and because Jim Schwartz hates CB’s 

Jim Schwartz hates anyone who doesn't play on the defensive line

which, come to think of it, made him a perfect match for Howie Roseman

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4 minutes ago, Scoundrel said:

Twas one on my list but wanted to go with a rookie and second year player I can keep for an additional two years on the cheap if I decide to. 

I'm all in on this year.

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Just now, Scoundrel said:

Rest of your corners all suck so good luck 

Anthony Averette actually played really well last week too. He was on Tyreek a good chunk of the night (with help) and held him in check 

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47 minutes ago, SirA1 said:

Glad I was able to finally add the Rams C to my roster. He's been balling this year with Stafford.


Yet Stafford doesn't get any respect in the writeups. 

...Neither will that Center.

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