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BDL Discussion Thread 2021

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2 hours ago, Counselor said:

They don’t want anyone that smells like tuna fish or butt crack sorry my friend. 


2 hours ago, MD4L said:

I feel your pain.

Back on WF they keep asking for mods and I said over and over I'd do it. Then they gave it to McNulty, who literally cared about nothing, and SWAG of all people who did nothing but violate the rules and even got modhood stripped after repeating using the N word. 

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Trade Block

RB- Leonard Fournette, Tony Pollard

WR- Tyler Boyd, Preston Williams, Steven Sims Jr

INT- Foley Fatukasi

Edge- Trey Flowers, Sam Hubbard

LB- Cody Barton

CB- Donte Jackson, Steven Nelson, Bless Austin, Justin Layne

S/CB- Julian Love

S- Ronnie Harrison, Jarrod Wilson, Xavier Woods

Picks: 1.4, 1.7, 1.9, 1.14, 2.1, 2.6, 3.11, 5.7


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2 hours ago, Counselor said:

@Jlash I think we need another mock from you

Maybe tomorrow.

1 hour ago, wwhickok said:

My wife and daughter think he is adorable. 

They're right.

1 hour ago, wwhickok said:

Looks like Pit Bull mix or Terrier maybe.

I think he's gonna have some pit in him as well. 

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1 hour ago, wwhickok said:

Breaking News! Death Valley Nightmare is currently working on finalizing a contract offer that would make Quarterback Justin Fields the #2 Overall pick in the 2021 BDL draft.

Nice. Tell us who you're taking 3rd, Counselor can give us #4 and we'll make these mocks far easier.

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