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The Witcher Mafia - Game Over! Toussaint wins! SirA1 rules The Continent!!

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General Mafia Rules


  1. All moves must be PM'd to me by the player responsible for the move. I will NOT accept moves any other way. You may send me a list of prioritzed targets if you will not be around and aren't sure who will still be in the game.

  2. I will not accept any votes if they aren't bolded. It must also be your own post. Votes must not be hidden (ie white text).

  3. Stay active. You must vote every day. Failure to do this twice will result in your death.

  4. My post will officially start night. Any votes after my post will not count. Any votes prior will. Talking is allowed at night.

  5. You may edit posts. Do not edit votes.

  6. Once you die, you are allowed one post. You may not post anything game related.

  7. Players cannot communicate with one another through any medium other than this thread, unless I specifically say they can. No exceptions.

  8. In the event of a tie, there will be a 10 minute runoff between the tied players. Any ties after the OT period will result in no lynch.

  9. Don't post PMs or screenshots of PMs. No exceptions. If you aren't sure of what is allowed, PM me. Failure to comply will result in your death.

  10. I reserve the right to change/add rules at any time I see fit. You will be notified if this happens.

  11. Have fun. This is just a game. Don't take things personally, don't make things personal, and don't violate any forum rules. It's pretty simple.

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Posted (edited)

Sign Ups:

1. Daboyle - Phillip Strenger [Double Voter] (Independent) - lynched D9
2. swoosh - Cyprian Wiley [Strongman/Janitor] (loyal to Redania under King Radovid V) - lynched D3
3. MWil23 - Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon [1-shot Bulletproof] (loyal to Redania under King Radovid V) - killed N6
4. TheKillerNacho - Sigismund Dijkstra, Chancellor of Redania - lynched D11
5. Counselor/Kingseanjohn -Horst Borsodi, New Chancellor of Redania - lynched D12
6. MD4L - Vernon Roche, Commander of the Blue Stripes Army - killed N12
7. Tk3 - Corinne Tilly [Dreamer] (Independent) - killed N5
8. bigbadbuff - Zoltan Chivay [Jailkeeper] (loyal to Duchy of Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta) - lynched D6
9. Forge - Shani [Doctor] (loyal to Duchy of Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta) - lynched D5
10. kingseanjohn - Morvran Voorhis [Even-Night Cop] (Independent) - killed N6
11. Pickle Rick - Hjalmar an Craite, New King of Skellige - lynched D8
12. Matts4313 -Joachim von Gratz [1-shot Autopsy] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche) - killed N11
13. bcb1213 - Yennefer of Vengerburg [Roleblocker] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche) killed N10
14. squire12 - Dudu Biberveldt [Hider/Backup] (Independent) - killed N8
15. mission27 - Philippa Eilhart [Vigilante] (Independent) - modkilled D6
16. The Orca - Svanrige Tuirseach, King of Skellige - killed N4
17. SirA1 - Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard - lynched D1
18. Daniel - Priscilla [3-shot Neighborizor] (Independent) - killed N1
19. SwAg - Fringilla Vigo [Watcher] (Independent) - killed N2
20. Blue - Gaunter O'Dimm [1-shot deathproof/Mirror/Dreaming God] (aligned with anarchy) - Endgamed
21. HoboRocket - Keira Metz [Redirect] (Independent) - lynched D4
22. BrettFavre004 - King Radovid V the Stern- lynched D10
23. JoshstraDaymus SirA1 - Duchess Anna Henrietta - survives and WINS
24. Ragnarok -Eveline Gallo [Tracker] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche)- killed N7
25. Malfatron -Vimme Vivaldi [Fruit Vendor] (loyal to Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta and loyal to the Temerian Rebels under Commander Vernon Roche) - modkilled D4
26. Shady Slim - Cerys an Craite, Heir to Skellige (loyal to Skellige under King Hjalmar an Craite) - lynched D7
27. gopherwrestler - Dandelion [Lover/Neighborhood Watch] (Independent) - lynched D2

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Posted (edited)

Woz?” Whicker asked as he approached the older gentleman near the fire. Woz turned to look at Whicker, revealing himself to be Ambassador Henry var Attre (loyal to Nilfgaard). “I was told to ask you about current events. The War, and so on.”

Of course,” Woz replied. “Let us approach the map.”

How's the war going?” Whicker asked as he looked the map over. “Aside from the part where Nilfgaard's victory is imminent, of course?”

The offensive was going splendidly – until winter came. Much of Aedirn was in disarray and we encountered little resistance. We reached the Pontar before the first snows. Only a weakened Kaedwen remained... and Radovid's Redania. We thought they'd sue for peace, perhaps even submit to vassalization like Temeria and Toussaint. We waited for spring, certain of victory... However, Radovid sent no peace envoys, nor did he advance on our positions. Instead, he trudged over to the snow-bound Kestrel Mountains... and attacked Kaedwen, his ally. Rudderless and rejected, they threw down their arms after just a few lost skirmishes – and joined Radovid. And so, by spring, instead of two weak enemies we had only one powerful one. This spring there was a massive battle in the marshes of Velen. Massive, yet indecisive. Both sides suffered enormous losses. Radovid has retreated across the Pontar. He's safe for now... until reinforcements arrive from the south.”

Can't you just go home?” Whicker asked. “Save everyone a lot of marching, not to mention a few human lives.”

I'm afraid the stakes are too high to fold now. We can only go all-in.”

Whicker took one last look over the map. “And what about Skellige?” he asked, pointing to the island nation.

Nothing. The islanders pride themselves on that, don't they? Doing everything according to tradition? As their forefathers did. Skellige has always been a footnote to history. And so it shall remain.”

Start of Day 1


Vote Count

7 SirA – Malf, Counselor, Nacho, Tk3, swoosh, Daboyle, Pickle
6 BBB – Swag, Blue, Shady, Squire, Orca, Forge
2 Bcb – Josh, KSJ
1 Matts – gopher
1 Daboyle – Mission
1 Blue – BBB
1 Pickle – Nacho
2 Malf – MD4L, SirA
2 Favre – Bcb, Mwil
1 Gopher – Rags


@SirA1 will be the lynch

Few names in the Continent's history arouse as much terror and respect as that of SirA, Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd - the White Flame Dancing on the Graves of his Foes. Emperor of Nilfgaard, lord of Metinna, Ebbing and Gemmera, sovereign of Nazair and Vicovaro, he was ruler of half the civilized world and aspiring conqueror of the other half. He was a personage whose deeds and decisions shaped the fates of whole kingdoms and populations.
It was unfortunate, then, when, like many great rulers, he was struck down by his own. Unconvinced of his ability to win the war against Radovid, the very subject of Nilfgaard turned their blades onto SirA, forever ending his tale. Surely, with no Emperor on the throne, Nilfgaard will face certain defeat.


@SirA1 has been killed! He was Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard


The Nilfgaardian Empire has been defeated!!!

As a poet and a romantic, I have immortalized in flowery verse the charms both corporeal and spiritual of many women. Yet when I open my mouth to sing the praises of Daniel, I find - hard as this might be to conceive - that my throat constricts, words turn to meal in my mouth, and all elaborate turns of speech seem artificial and empty when compared to the natural beauty, talent, sensitivity and intellect nature has bestowed her.
Daniel was, around the time of our story's beginning, enjoying the last stop on a triumphal tour of concerts that had taken her from the sumptuous courts of Lan Exeter and Pont Vanis, through Tretogor and Caelf, finally bringing her to the glorious city of Novigrad. Unfortunately, as war fell upon the place, Daniel found himself a casualty of war.
@Daniel has been killed! He was Priscilla [3-shot neighborizor] (Independent)

King Radovid V has ordered the persecution of all MAGES. Any player labeled as a MAGE is roleblocked for N2.


King Bran Tuirseach is dead! Skellige has announced Svanrige Tuirseach will be the new king of Skellige! Long live the king!!

Start of Day 2


Vote Count

6 Gopher – MD4L, Forge, Tk3, Orca, Mwil, Counselor
5 Malf – Squire, Malf, Matts, Rags, Gopher
3 Bcb – Pickle, swoosh, Josh
2 Squire – Nacho, BBB
2 Swag – MD4L, Hobo
1 Matts – Daboyle
1 Blue – Shady
1 Hobo – Bcb
1 Brett – Blue
1 Counselor – mission

@gopherwrestler will be lynched

Born in 1229, a talented poet and troubadour, a graduate of Oxenfurt Academy, a frequent performer at royal courts, an unequaled lover appreciated, and in some cases adored, by ladies worldwide, a skilled negotiator and a stirring orator" - such is the image of the bard Gopherwrestler as painted by his friends and promoters.
This image is, of course, somewhat overbright in its coloring - I personally prefer to think of him as a dedicated artist in thrall to his Muse, one whose work has benefited immeasurably from the fact that he was, am and forever will remain a close friend and steadfast companion to myself. It is his fate I chronicle in this present work and his story which I shall sing till the end of my days.
Gopher, already scorned by the loss of his greatest love Daniel, had given up his dream of creating a local tavern for all to come to chat and enjoy. I continued to worried about him as he mourned the loss, and eventually my worst fears had come realized, as Gopher had decided to take his own life.
@gopherwrestler has been killed! He was Dandelion [Lover/Neighborhood Watch] (Independent)

@SwAg has been eliminated from the game.

The pyres of Novigrad are still burning with MAGES. All players labeled a MAGE will be roleblocked for N3

Start of Day 3


Vote Count

17 swoosh – squire, Pickle, Orca, Nacho, Blue, KSJ, Brett, Mwil, Counselor, Ragnarok, Josh, Shady, MD4, Tk3, Buff, Bcb, swoosh
1 Buff – Forge
1 Squire – Matts
1 Matts – Daboyle
1 Malf - Hobo


@swoosh will be the lynch

Swoosh was one of Novigrad's most dangerous criminals. He had inherited his father's casinos. fighting ring and brothels - as well as the old man's sadistic tendencies, ruthlessness and lack of scruples.
These traits had made the moniker "Whoreson" something of a family heirloom for his powerful criminal clan.
Swoosh also took after his father in terms of ambition. He broke the unwritten armistice between Novigrad's various criminal groups and tried to murder the other three leading underworld bosses.
Whoreson's audacity had a very specific cause - King Radovid, who had commissioned the gangster's actions.
As it turned out. Radovid's plan was for Swoosh to start a gang war in Novigrad. In the resulting chaos. Radovid would take control of the city with ease.
In addition to blackmail, extortion, murder and torture, the list of Swoosh's crimes also included trying to harm my good friends. I took this very personally and made the bandit pay for this last sin with his life.
Has been killed! He was Cyprian “Whoreson Junior” Wiley [strongman/janitor] (loyal to Redania under King Radovid V)

Everyone survives!!

Start of Day 4


Vote Count

4 Daboyle – Blue, Buff, Nacho, Hobo
5 Hobo – Tk3, Mwil, Rag, Forge, Squire
3 Tk3 – Orca, Counselor, Pickle
1 Josh – Bcb
1 Forge – MD4L
1 Orca – mission
1 Matts – Daboyle


@HoboRocket will be the lynch


I first met Hobo when she literally dropped on top of me out of nowhere. During the infamous coup on Thanedd Island, Hobo was defenestrated and nearly landed right on the my head. The next time I saw her, in the swamps of Velen, was shocking in a different way - the luxury-loving sorceress was the last person he expected to see in such a grim and barren place.

I later learned the reason for this, and Hobo's fate gave me ample fodder for contemplating the cruel whimsies of the wheel of fortune. Once the esteemed advisor to the now late King Foltest, she had been chased out of Temeria when she lost that ruler's trust. Later she joined the Lodge of Sorceresses, which earned her the hatred of Redania's king and Nilfgaard's emperor alike. Because of this, she had gone deep undercover, posing as a cunning woman, a village witch of sorts, deep in the Velen boondocks. It was not at all difficult to tell that she despised every minute of this.
Hobo then asked me for another favor: lifting the curse from the tower of Fyke Isle. Curses and favors being whatI do best, I obliged.
Hobo had never stopped longing for the luster of life at a royal court. Thatch-roofed huts could hardly compare to elegant ballrooms and palace gardens. One day she decided to organize an interlude from Velen's grim atmosphere by treating herself to a sumptuous meal.

Acquiring the refined ingredients proved less trouble than finding an appropriate dinner partner - that is, until I showed up. The witcher gladly accepted the sorceress' invitation - and continued saying yes all evening
Sadly, an evening that started out so nicely ended quite unfortunately for me. Hobo put me to sleep with a secretly-cast spell. Clearly, she wanted to hide something from me...
It turned out that hobo had played the me like a well-tuned harp, strumming all the right chords to keep me occupied while she stole the mage Alexander's notes from Fyke Isle. She was planning to use the notes as a bargaining chip while making a deal with Radovid. His plague research could be her ticket back to life without lice, ticks and omnipresent filth.
Hobo was determined to get her way, but I could not allow her to carry out her plans. Both refused to budge, leading to a fight in which hobo lost her life.
@HoboRocket has been killed! He was Keira Metz (Redirect) [Independent]
The dwarves have been in the banking business since the legendary King Desmond of Temeria was just a snot-nosed brat in short trousers asking for me "yam" with his "bwed." Since then, the prominent dwarven banking families – the Giancardis, the Vivaldis and the Cianfanellis – have only expanded their services, establishing branches in all the larger cities of the North.
Malfatron carried the torch of this venerable tradition into modern times, growing the Novigrad branch of his family's bank until it was the largest in the city. I met him over a dozen years before our story begins and had always appreciated his honesty and acumen.
Unfortunately, like many other non-humans who remained in Novigrad, he met his untimely fate when Radovid's Redania took the city.
@Malfatron has been modkilled! He was Vimme Vivaldi [Fruit Vendor] (loyal to Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta and loyal to the Temerian Rebels under Commander Vernon Roche)
A hard life awaits the child who cannot escape his parents' shadow. Following the death of his father, the beloved King Bran, Orca became the formal ruler of Clan Tuirseach, which controlled vast territory on the isle of An Skellig.
Yet this quiet and mild-mannered young man seemed firmly tied to the apron strings of his mother, Birna, who sought to control his every waking deed. With such an overbearing caretaker it was hard to imagine how Orca could ever grow into a man able to rule a mighty Skellige clan in his own right.
Orca's election as ruler of Skellige was a rather unexpected turn of events. It was widely thought to have been the result of backroom maneuvering by Birna, who used the chaos in the aftermath of the other claimants' deaths and the shame that fell On the an Craites to achieve her ambition of placing a puppet in her control on the Skellige throne.
However, Orca's time on the throne was tumultuous, as the Third Northern War continued to rage on the Continent, and many of Skellige's people demanded action. Needing answer, Orca turned to a strange man for help, but it ended up costing him his life.
@The Orca has been killed! He was Svanrige Tuirseach, King of Skellige
The king of Skellige is dead! Hjalmar an Craite has ascended the throne of Skellige! Long live the king!!!
The pyres of Novigrad are once again burning with MAGES. All players labeled as a MAGE will be roleblocked for night 4.

Start of Day 5


Vote Count

8 Forge – KSJ, Bcb, Nacho, Pickle, Josh, Matts, Tk3, Buff
4 Pickle – Rags, Mwil, Forge, Counselor
3 Josh – Brett, MD4L, Blue
1 Blue – Shady
1 Counselor – Squire


@Forge will be the lynch

I had entered the Oxenfurt sewers expecting to hunt down a hideous monster – so you can imagine my surprise when down one of those dank, slimy corridors I ran into Forge, an old and dear friend. I had first met this extraordinary young woman years earlier, when she was just a coltish coed, but by this time she had grown into a dignified doctor and a fearless field medic for the Nilfgaardian Army.
This latter role had led her, and a unit of soldier escorts, to descend into the sewers. Their goal was to gather a sample of the venom spewed by the monstrosity squatting there. I, a gentleman through and through, agreed to help her in her task.
My encounter with Vlodimir von Everec reminded me that Forge and I had once shared passionate (though passing) feelings for each other. I also became aware some remnant of these feelings were still lodged in her heart...
A pleasantly-begun evening blossomed into a night of rapture, then settled into a golden dawn on the shores of a lake, serenaded by nature's first awakening murmurs. Though Forge seemed delighted by this course of events, the morning air had put her in a reflexive mood. She parted ways with me, explaining she had to think through what had just happened.
Fate decreed Forge would not linger long in her hometown of Oxenfurt. For as long as the war lasted, she was to work tirelessly on the front lines. As you can imagine, her story, sadly, ends the way of many soldiers sent to the front lines of war...
@Forge has been killed! He was Shani [Doctor] (loyal to Duchy of Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta)
Oneiromancy, the magic art deciphering the past and the future as they appear in dreams, is difficult for even a highly trained sorceress to master. Those born with the latent, however, excel at it without any formal education. Such was the case of Tk3, whose fame as a dreamer, as such diviners are known, had spread far and wide
This gifted woman could not only dream of past events herself, but also induce revelatory dreams in persons searching for direction or answers to specific questions. These abilities proved to be of great use to me in his search and to The Continent in its War.
However, as many of us are very aware, being an important player in War is to sometimes end up as a non-player. This was the case for Tk3 as she lie asleep...

@Tk3 has been killed! He was Corinne Tilly [Dreamer] (Independent)
King Radovid V has now ordered the persecution of all NON-HUMANS. Any player labeled as a NON-HUMAN will be roleblocked for night 6

Start of Day 6


Vote Count

6 Pickle – Mwil, Brett, Buff, KSJ, Counselor, Rag
6 Buff – Pickle, MD4L, Blue, Matts, Bcb, Daboyle
2 Counselor – Shady, Squire
1 Daboyle – Nacho


@bigbadbuff will be the lynch

@mission27 will be modkilled

A dwarf, a soldier of fortune, a veteran of the Battle of Brenna, an unassailable optimist, a committed altruist, a lover of rough drinks and rougher songs, a master gwent player and, above all, a dear and loyal friend to me – ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present BigBadBuff. We first became fast friends years ago, when I ran into Buff and the band he was leading at the time across war-stricken Riverdell.
It proved our fate to cross paths many times after that, and we eventually became inseparable companions, sticking together through good and ill. At our tale's beginning Buff and Gopher had gone into business together running a Novigrad tavern called the Rosemary and Thyme.
By saving me from the transport taking me to my doom Buff proved yet again he would never abandon a friend in need.
However, things soon turned for the worse. Suffering some financial difficulties, he had taken out a loan from one of the Novigrad mob bosses, and as a result had made many unfortunate enemies. Sure enough, there came a day where one too many of these enemies came around, and Buff was soon found dead in the streets.
@bigbadbuff has been killed! He was Zoltan Chivay [Jailkeeper] (loyal to Duchy of Toussaint under Duchess Anna Henrietta)
Mission, one-time advisor to King Vizimir II, called the Just, member of the Council of Mages and later founder of the Lodge of Sorceresses, had played a momentous part in the history of the world as well as in my life.
There could be no denying her talent, yet neither could one claim she did not also at times demonstrate sickly ambition. Very trustworthy reports indicated she had had a hand in King Vizimir II's death, and, as a member of the Lodge, was implicated in the murder of two other monarchs as well - Demavend of Aedirn and Foltest of Temeria.
For this reason the one-time "Jewel of the Court at Tretogor" was now a wanted woman, the quarry of special forces from the North and Nilfgaard alike.
Vizimir's son and successor, Radovid V, was particularly eager to capture her. During their last encounter in Loc Muinne he had had Mission's eyes gouged out, yet she had fled and he wanted nothing more than to stick the head of "Tretegor's Jewel" on a spike above the city gates.
Everything seemed to indicate that Mission had not only been investigating magic cures to her lost vision, but had also taken concrete steps towards the reactivation of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Her location, however, remained unknown for quite some time.
Mission's fate soon became apparent as her body appeared out of seemingly nowhere. No one to this day speaks of word of how this became her fate...
@mission27 has been modkilled! He was Philippa Eilhart [Vigilante] (Independent)
Kingseanjohn - commander of the Alba Division, an officer of the highest rank and a pure-blooded aristocrat, one who with pride could call himself a Nilfgaardian, a designation reserved only for native-born inhabitants of the empire's capital and its immediate surroundings. At the time of our first meeting, I had no idea what an important person had been assigned the task of "asking him a few routine questions."
I encountered kingseanjohn again some time later in Novigrad. There the Nilfgaardian general was taking advantage of the city's neutral status to enjoy the company of Baroness Louisa la Valette. However, as I quickly learned, this led to him letting his guard down, and he was assassinated in the night.
@kingseanjohn has been killed! He was Morvran Voorhis [Even-night Cop] (Independent)
MWil – what can I possibly say about her? That we call her Ciri for short, that she was born in 1251, that she has ashen hair and a scar on her cheek?
All true, and that's the Mwil I know best, the one I first laid eyes on those many years ago, the one who seemed thoroughly, well, not ordinary, but certainly not as extraordinary as she in fact is.
For MWil is also a highly-skilled witcher, heiress to several thrones, the last bearer of the Elder Blood, a powerful Source endowed with exceptional magic talent and the Lady of Time and Space. Her hair color and date of birth seem... rather incidental now, don't they?
I could also tell you she is my adopted daughter – but that would be a gross simplification. Mwil is much more. She is my Destiny, my Unexpected Child, someone bound to me by Fate's most inextricably tangled fetters.
Following age-old witcher tradition, I took MWil to Kaer Morhen when she came into my care. There Vesemir and I taught her in the ways of the professional monster slayer. It was then that her magic talents were first revealed, and they discovered she was a Source.
MWil's gift proved a curse as well. Because of it, she would one day have to hide from the entire world – even myself.
MWil's biography contained one more great secret. Her natural father was none other than the emperor of Nilfgaard, SirA. His words confirmed the fears swirling in my mind. MWil had returned and was in mortal danger, for the unrelenting Wild Hunt was on her trail.
With the Wild Hunt on her tail and the Third Northern War still raging, Mwil sought comfort and safety in a place that few would expect: Redania. However, this still proved insufficient as, like others before her, sought answers from divine figures, and this led to her untimely demise.
@MWil23 has been killed! He was Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon [1-shot Bulletproof] (loyal to Redania under King Radovid V)
The pyres of Novigrad continue to burn with NON-HUMANS. Any player labeled a NON-HUMAN will be blocked for Night 7

Start of Day 7


Vote Count

7 Shady – Nacho, Rag, Matts, Blue, Josh, Bcb, Counselor
3 Matts – Daboyle, Pickle, Squire
1 Brett – MD4L
1 Blue – Shady
1 Pickle – Brett


@Shady Slim will be the lynch

While in Skellige I finally had the chance to meet Shady Slim, the younger of Crach's two children. Known as Sparrowhawk to her friends, she was as fierce and swift as this name would indicate.
Shady was an islander through and through and the spitting image of her father, having inherited all his courage, resolve and stubbornness. Dauntlessly she sought to prove at every turn that there was no task she could not fulfill as well as - or better than - any man in the islands, including her older brother Hjalmar.
Though Shady's decision to stake a claim to Skellige's throne came as a shock to everyone else, she had thought it over quite thoroughly beforehand. Striving as always to outdo her brother, she intended to perform a great deed that would earn her widespread recognition and respect.
It was not meant to be, however, as the jarls soon announced Bran's son, Orca, as king. Shady continued to wait as Orca's death lifted her brother, Hjalmar, to the throne.
Sadly Crach's daughter died during a failed attack on the Nilfgaardian fleet. The inhabitants of Skellige long mourned the brave Sparrowhawk's premature death.
@Shady Slim has been killed! He was Cerys an Craite, Heir to Skellige (loyal to Skellige under King Hjalmar an Craite)
To rob a vault, one must force open armor-plated doors and secret away mounds of loot. First and foremost, however, one needs to get inside the building containing said vault. To accomplish this, I could use the help of a certain Ragnarok – a circus performer famed through all the North, and who, it seemed, used her considerable talents for less law-abiding purposes as well...
As is often the case in life, Ragnarok was willing to help, but only in exchange for a favor: I had to save her circus troupe from humiliation. I duly performed the required feat, and the limber elfess then joined the break-in crew.
Ragnarok performed as tasked and guided and my accomplices and me into the auction house. Yet as soon as the heist stopped going according to plan and Redanian soldiers surrounded the auction house, she shimmied up and out the chimney and was never seen by me again. I soon learned of her fate, as she had been captured and subsequently executed.
@Ragnarok has been killed! He was Eveline Gallo [Tracker] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche)
The pyres of Novigrad continue to burn with NON-HUMANS. Any player labeled as a NON-HUMAN will be roleblocked for Night 8

Start of Day 8


Vote Count

4 Pickle – Nacho, Counselor, Brett, Daboyle
2 Brett – Blue, Matts
1 MD4L – SirA
4 Daboyle – MD4L, Pickle, Squire, Bcb

@Pickle Rick will be the lynch

The saying "like father, like son" fits Crach and his first born son to a tittle. Young Pickle Rick took after his father in both posture and character, and many predicted that in time he would ovetake his elder in the honor and fame he would gain.
An extremely able, broad-shouldered swordsman, he had the makings of a superb warrior, and his charisma and tendency towards almost mad bravura meant he could stir the hearts of loot- and glory-craving youth from all Skellige's clans.
All these traits made Pickle Rick an obvious choice for the next king of Skellige. He thus did not hesitate to stake his claim when the time for this arrived and immediately set off for Undvik to prove his heroism by battling the legendary Ice Giant.
Pickle's hot temper turned out to be his doom in the end. Young an Craite died while leading one of the first attacks on the Nilfgaardian fleet
Pickle Rick has been killed! He was Hjalmar an Craite, New King of Skellige
The Skellige Faction has been destroyed!!
I had known the doppler Squire for years - from before the moment we had actually met him, in fact.
You see, I first unwittingly talked to him when he was in Novigrad impersonating another friend of mine, a halfling merchant named Dainty Biberveldt. Squire had assumed Dainty's form to use the merchant's network of contacts for some business endeavors of his own.
Dainty was infuriated at first at his inability to locate the impostor who had inserted himself into his dealings, but when Squire's investments began generating sizable returns, the halfling changed his tune. He took the doppler on as a partner, introducing him to everyone as his cousin, Dudu Biberveldt.
I learned that Squire had crossed Swoosh one of Novigrad's most ruthless crime bosses. That Squire extracted himself from this predicament while only losing one eye should be considered a fortunate turn.
MWil, Squire and I had all embroiled ourselves in quite the fiasco, but unlike me, the doppler was not caught by the temple guard. Instead, he found himself an opportunity as a high profile sorceress – Swag – had disappeared. Learning of her not-so-well-known death, Squire realized he could hide in plain sight as Swag.
He was able to stay undercover for many months, but soon, Radovid's persecution of non-humans became too great a threat for him to escape.
@squire12 has been killed! He was Dudu Biberveldt [Hider/Backup] (Independent) disguised as Swag, who was Fringilla Vigo [Watcher] (Independent)
King Radovid has once again ordered the persecution of all MAGES. Any player labeled a MAGE will be roleblocked for Night 9.

Start of Day 9


Vote Count

1 MD4L – Daboyle
2 KSJ – SirA, Nacho
1 Nacho – Matts
4 Daboyle – Brett, Blue, MD4L, Bcb
1 Matts – KSJ


@Daboyle will be the lynch

During my first encounter with Daboyle, I found the man's many contradictions puzzling. This former Temerian soldier was clearly an opportunist who, after his army's resounding defeat, served, dealt and negotiated with the occupying Empire of Nilfgaard. The local peasantry anointed him the "Bloody Baron," a clear indication that he did not handle his vassals with kid gloves. On the other hand, he proved a surprisingly gracious host to an unexpected guest who was also a stranger and a hired monster slayer.
In exchange for information about Cirilla, Daboyle asked me to find his wife, Anna, and their daughter, Tamara. Both had disappeared without a trace some time ago, and Daboyle was slowing losing hope of ever seeing them again. Under these circumstances, a witcher was a gift from the gods.
Despite the combined efforts of Daboyle, his men and myself, Anna could not be saved. Alas, this was not the end of the bad news - Tamara, who had also ventured into the swamp to save her mother, made it painfully clear to Daboyle that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him. Having lost on all fronts and without uttering a single word, he trekked back to Crow Perch alone...
Not long afterwards I had learned that Daboyle, the one-time terror of all of Velen, had hanged himself out of grief and despair, desolated by the loss of all that he had loved in his lifetime.
@Daboyle has been killed! He was Phillip Strenger [Double Voter] (Independent)

Everyone survives!!

The pyres of Novigrad continue to burn with MAGES. Any player labeled a MAGE will be roleblocked for night 10

Start of Day 10


Vote Count

6 [3] Brett – [SirA], MD4L, Blue, [Matts], [Nacho], Bcb
1 SirA – Brett


@BrettFavre004 will be the lynch

It did not take long for BrettFavre of Redania to prove himself a hard and ruthless ruler, one fully deserving to be styled "the Stern." His father, King Vizimir, was murdered when Brett was quite young, and his mother, Hedwig of Malleore, and a Regency Council ruled in his stead.
Young Brett soon seized power in his own right, however, and wrought vengeance on those who had treated him with disrespect. He took to forcing all his potential political opponents to swear allegiance – or face death.
He waged war not only against Nilfgaard, but also against mages, whom he saw as the root of all evil. Brett also made every effort to gain control over the Free City of Novigrad, whose fleet and treasury could tip the scales of the ongoing conflict towards his victory.
My meeting with Brett confirmed the rumors circling around the king's mental state. The Redanian king was a dangerous madman trapped in his own world of disturbing visions. This did not make him one jot less intelligent or cunning, however.
Despite his mental afflictions, the young king was manipulating his opponents like an adroit puppet master.
Brett burned with particularly intense hostility (first kindled in his earliest childhood days) for the sorceress Mission. Rumors spoke of how he had prepared a special torture regimen just for her - and while the two dozen points they mentioned were surely an exaggeration, they accurately conveyed the general scale of his hatred.
The terror of Brett's reign had led not just enemies, but also his allies and even his subjects to long for his death.
The phrase "monster in human flesh" fit Brett perfectly. Perhaps it was awareness of all the cruel and bestial acts this madman perpetrated that led me to get involved in the plans for his assassination.
Hatred for Mission proved to be Brett's weakness. He was ready to do anything to capture her - even abandon the safe confines of his flagship.
The plan for luring Brett out of hiding worked, though not without complications. Irritated by my typical cheek, Brett brayed for the my blood, and I only dodged the executioner's axe thanks to the intervention of my co-conspirators.
Perhaps the delay this caused was what allowed the ruler to nearly escape his assassins, but in the end he could not cheat fate and died at the hands of the many that he had wronged.
@BrettFavre004 has been killed! He was King Radovid V the Stern
I first met the raven-haired sorceress a good twenty years back. Our friendship and feelings between us were born of a common adventure involving a genie and a wish granted to me that intertwined our fates inextricably.
In the time since then our relationship had, however, been quite stormy - rich in ups and downs, crises and break-ups. My and Bcb's love provides irrefutable proof that "opposites attract."
A few years ago Bcb and I had, after a long separation full of adventures for us both, gotten back together again. Their moment of repose was interrupted by the Wild Hunt, which took Bcb captive. I set out at once to save her, but I lost my memory while doing so. When I had finally recovered it, I immediately set off once more on his quest to find my beloved sorceress.
The circumstances of my initial reunion with Bcb after two years were quite different than he had imagined. The sorceress was not only safe and sound, but had even secured the aid of an unexpected and mighty ally - the Nilfgaardian Empire.
However, the Nilfgaardian Empire was soon destroyed, and Bcb, like many other mages, sought safety outside of Brett's reign of terror. She soon found comfort in what had been formerly known as Temeria, as a group of rebels had been able to rise there from the ashes of the Nilfgaardian Empire.
Safety, however, is not a common concept in war. As a powerful sorceress,
Bcb couldn't help but stay away from the front lines of the Third Northern War. Sadly, my quest to find Bcb came to a tragic and abrupt end as she, too, became a casualty of war.
Has been killed! He was Yennefer of Vengerburg [Roleblocker] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche)


Chancellor Sigismund Dijkstra has assumed the throne of Redania! Long live the Chancellor!!

Start of Day 11


TKN - 4 - [Matts, Blue, SirA], KSJ

MD4L - 1 - [TKN]

Matts - 1 - [MD4L]


@TheKillerNacho will be the lynch

The individual masquerading as Sigi Reuven was in fact none other than TheKillerNacho, the former head of Redanian intelligence and a man I had had many dealings with in the past.
This spy's life story would make for a postively enthralling adventure tale. A victim of Mission's intrigues, he had been forced to flee Redania at breakneck speed – or have his own neck broken by assassins. For a certain time he sought refuge in far-off lands, but in the end he decided to return to the Free City of Novigrad.
Anyone who thought Nacho had broken all ties with the world of political schemers and plotters was sorely mistaken, as he plotted to take the throne after the death of Brett.
As an experienced dragonslayer once commented, more than once heads have only rolled after the dragon's been slain, the mead broken out and the campfire lit, for when it comes time to share the treasure, hunters of beasts often become slayers of men instead. Such was the case after the assassination of Brett, when Nacho tried to renege on the terms of their arrangement and do away with Thaler and Vernon. Nacho had counted on me to maintain witcher neutrality in this matter - a miscalculation which cost him his life.
@TheKillerNacho Has been killed! He was Sigismund Dijkstra, Chancellor of Redania
I met Matts, chief surgeon at Vilmerius Hospital, in very unfortunate circumstances. Daniel had been attacked and Matts was tending to her wounds. I must admit I was so shaken I hardly remember our first meeting, save that he was a cool-headed doctor who seemed to know a great deal about the previous murders and offered his help investigating the matter.
It seemed the surgeon was no stranger to violence, for he bore a formidable scar worthy of a veteran of the Battle of Brenna. I also noted that Matts seemed quite experienced at navigating the sewers and fighting the monsters dwelling within it.
It was hard not to notice that Matts did not care much for the city coroner, Hubert Rejk, who dropped in unexpectedly on the doctor and I at the morgue. While I was able to fight off what turned out to be a higher vampire, Matts, unfortunately,suffered a fatal wound.
@Matts4313 has been killed! He was Joachim von Gratz [1-shot Autopsy] (loyal to Temeria under Commander Vernon Roche)


Horst Borsodi has now assumed the position of Chancellor of Redania! Long live the Chancellor!

Start of Day 12

Kingseanjohn, owner of the most famous auction house in all the North, was a snob and a buffoon. He looked down his nose at me from the very moment we met, and when he heard what had brought me to him, he had his men toss me out and beat me. To say our relationship got started off on the wrong foot would thus be putting it very lightly indeed...
It came as no surprise, then, when I chose to stand by my partner, Ewald, in the final showdown between the two brothers. With our strength combined, we defeated kingseanjohn's hired muscle. A few moments later, Ewald killed his hated brother in a spectacularly cruel fashion. It was later said none walked behind the once rich and mighty Kingseanjohn's casket and none shed a tear over his grave...
@kingseanjohn has been killed! He was Horst Borsodi, New Chancellor of Redania
Redania has been defeated!

As commander of Temerian Special Forces - an elite squadron known as the "Blue Stripes" – MD4L had been one of King Foltest's most trusted subordinates. Time and time again MD4L proved himself loyal, effective and a thorough professional. Few could match his skill at subduing revolves, fighting off Nilfgaardians or snuffing out bands of Scoia'tael.
At the start of our story, however, he had lost his king, his men and his homeland, and so had resorted to waging a guerilla war against the overwhelmingly occupying forces.
In his war of assassinations, ambushes and night raids, MD4L depended on Redanian help, though it was clear he took no pleasure from working with Brett
Some time later it was revealed that MD4L had took part in a conspiracy to assassinate Brett. He had realized that once the war was over this mad king would offer no prospect of a free Temeria, making MD4L himself a liability and a potential foe.
With Redania and Brett defeated, MD4L saw his chance to once again reunite Temeria. Gathering a force of Malfatron, Ragnarok, Bcb, and Matts, he began to march on The Continent. As the war was coming to a close, MD4L was presented a strange gift from a strange man. The strange man promised him infinite knowledge and the power to rule, and MD4L could not resist. He demanded infinite knowledge from Blue, and Blue granted him his wish, as, now dead, MD4L's spirit is free to learn all he wants for all time.
@MD4L has been killed! He was Vernon Roche, Commander of the Blue Stripes Army
Temeria has been defeated!

I have escaped a great many predicaments, sometimes of my own doing, sometimes aided by others. One of the strangest helping hands was that extended to me by Blue. I was on an Ofieri ship, held captive and bound for a date with the gallows... when, out of nowhere, in came Master Mirror. He reminded me of our first encounter, when he helped me find Bcb in White Orchard. Now he was offering help as well -- this time, for a price. In exchange for freeing me from the ship, he demanded I meet him at a certain crossroads. When I agreed, a strange mark appeared on my face. It was as though Master Mirror had put a stamp on me to show we had entered into as pact – a suspicion later confirmed beyond all doubt...
As the Third Northern War raged on, Blue continued to appear at the most convenient of times, offering gifts of knowledge, power, and wealth to those that desired them. With many rulers vying for power within The Continent, Blue found no shortage of customers. His eventual goal, unknown to all, was to end with The Continent in pure anarchy – to kill all the kings – if for nothing else than his own amusement. However, as the War came to a close, Blue realized that his dream was not to be. For even though Nilfgaard, Redania, and Skellige were all victims of Blue's crazed ambitions, had underestimated the staying power of government and society, as new powers arose in the wake of all the destruction. Blue, despite his best efforts, eventually learned to accept that his vision for The Continent would not come to be, and that Toussaint would rule. Not that he cares, for what's a king to a god?

@Bluehas been endgamed! He was Gaunter O'Dimm [1-shot deathproof/Mirror/Dreaming God] (aligned with anarchy)

If this world has ever known a ruler who enjoyed the absolute admiration of her subjects without the need for systematic repression or a particularly cruel hangman, it was, without a doubt, the sovereign of Toussaint, SirA. Called Anarietta by those who knew her well, she was the widow of the late lamented Duke Raymund and one-time lover of a very famous and talented witcher who would prefer to remain anonymous.
SirA cared for her subjects like no other monarch, and thus she was quick to swear fealty to Nilfgaard soon after their invasion. She figured, as vassals to the powerful empire, she and her people would be safe. However, when Emhyr was killed by his own subjects early on in the war, SirA saw her opportunity to restore Toussaint to its former glory. Recruiting Malfatron, Forge, and Bigbadbuff to her side, SirA began her final march on Redania.
When Redania's enemies proved to be too much for them to handle,
SirA turned his attention to the upstart Temeria and its new ruler, MD4L. However, like many conflicts in history, it was a stroke of luck that turned the tide, as MD4L ended up turning to the wrong places for help, costing him his life. Thus, SirA stood alone in a land devastated by war. After paying her respects to the fallen empires, SirA set out to rebuild The Continent... under Toussaint's banner.
@SirA1has won the game! He was Duchess Anna Henrietta
Posthumous congratulations to @Malfatron @Forge @bigbadbuff for their support for Toussaint
Special congratulations to  @SirA1 @JoshstraDaymus  who now rule The Continent!


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