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Bears (8-7) vs Packers (12-3) - GDT

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11 hours ago, JAF-N72EX said:

There were ZERO noticeable differences between Amos to HHCD in this defense. If anything, HHCD was better since he had to clean up Prince's declining failures in 2019 whereas Prince was good in 2018 when Amos was here.  The same with Gipson this year. He was playing good until he had to try and cover up for 2 rookies who were thrown into the fire due to injuries. 


I'd argue that HHCD's poor ability to tackle made EJax play in the box far more than he should, so it actually had a big impact. EJax could have covered Prince's failures better and Amos is a much better run defender than EJax, so we downgraded both positions by the move.


Had Pagano kept EJax in the back where he belongs there would have been a better and more direct comparison between HHCD and Amos.


Gipson is cheap and ok, he's not special but as a bandaid he is fine.

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53 minutes ago, RunningVaccs said:

Eh, Amos was more reliable, better tackler, but I totally agree that letting him walk was the right move in light of other money commitments. Would have loved to keep him, but not for what GB is paying. 

Agreed - I'm not saying it was a mistake to let Amos go, but this defense was pretty clearly better with Amos at S. HHCD was a decent replacement. Gipson has been a step back.

Average passer rating allowed:

2019 HHCD - 67.0
2020 Gipson - 96.3

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Jackson for sure benefitted from a solid thumper cleaning up underneath. I LIKED Amos a ton, but understood letting him walk.  Our issues over the past two years seem like a combindation of uncreative gameplanning,  opposing OCs getting the ball out quick, and as always a ****load of holding. 

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