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Jaguars to hire Urban Meyer as HC

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1 hour ago, .Buzz said:

Listening to this now. Towards the end, he starts talking about motivation vs inspiration. He explains that the three types of motivation are love, fear and hate, and that they’re all short term things that don’t last. So he explains that in a moment (like a key fourth down play), you can lean on these things to get gets to go extra hard in that exact moment, but that the fear and hate won’t be sustainable and can’t hold long term. He then goes on to explain that inspiration can last long term, and that’s by building love and ownership.

In short, this is why guys still love Gus to death, and why Coughlin could keep teams together when he was a coach, but the first time he tried to pull that crap off the field, he destroyed relationships with half the team.

It’s great to hear a guy freaking get it. 

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“When adversity strikes, that’s when leadership and culture gets exposed.”

Mannnnnnn, I’ve been saying this is an issue with Doug for years. The entire team used to fight every second under Gus and then turtled up under Doug. And the only guy that didn’t turtle up under Doug was the guy so motivated to make it playing football that he was willing to smash his hand with a hammer because he thought it would help him. 

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