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TCMD 2021 - League Office (Open)


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Welcome to the League Office thread.

This thread is reserved for posting all transactions with the exception of trades.  Please do not use this as a discussion thread, the less clutter in this thread the faster I can collect this information.

League Office

The League Office will monitor and update all transactions conducted within the official workbooks to ensure that the entire league is cap compliant and roster limits are within the specified ranges.  

Note:  It is on the GM to update any of the Non-official workbooks, such as the private team roster workbooks.  If you need help doing this let me know.


Reporting Transactions in the League Office thread

All transactions must be reported by making a post within the LEAGUE OFFICE THREAD  ----  NO EXCEPTIONS!

When posting transactions include the Team Name, 4 digit ID - Full Name - Position also label the transaction w/ description, ie ERFA signings, RFA Tender, Release, June 1st cut, etc.  This requirement takes only a few additional seconds of your time but saves me hours of time.  With this information and a clean post, it helps us out tremendously in maintaining the official workbooks.


Updating the workbooks

Each day we’ll update the official workbooks.  We’ll make a post within the league office thread, with the word “MARKED”.  Once the workbooks have been updated we’ll edit the post to UPDATED.   Doing so lets you know where we’re at with updating, without the need to ask.



NEW - League Information

NEW - Free Agency Data


League Trade Block

Draft Board

Unrestricted Free Agency - UFA

Restricted Free Agency / Tender Offer Sheet - RFA

Exclusive Rights Free Agency - ERFA

Waiver Wire Claim Form

Waiver Wire Listing

Updated Thursday, Jan 28th 

Official Team Rosters
Arizona Cardinals - Official Roster
Atlanta Falcons - Official Roster
Baltimore Ravens - Official Roster
Buffalo Bills - Official Roster
Carolina Panthers - Official Roster
Chicago Bears - Official Roster
Cincinnati Bengals - Official Roster
Cleveland Browns - Official Roster
Dallas Cowboys - Official Roster
Denver Broncos - Official Roster
Detroit Lions - Official Roster
Green Bay Packers - Official Roster
Houston Texans - Official Roster
Indianapolis Colts - Official Roster
Jacksonville Jaguars - Official Roster
Kansas City Chiefs - Official Roster
Las Vegas Raiders - Official Roster
Los Angeles Chargers - Official Roster
Los Angeles Rams - Official Roster
Miami Dolphins - Official Roster
Minnesota Vikings - Official Roster
New England Patriots - Official Roster
New Orleans Saints - Official Roster
New York Giants - Official Roster
New York Jets - Official Roster
Philadelphia Eagles - Official Roster
Pittsburgh Steelers - Official Roster
San Francisco 49ers - Official Roster
Seattle Seahawks - Official Roster
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Official Roster
Tennessee Titans - Official Roster
Washington Football Team - Official Roster


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Total Control is officially announcing the following members of TCMD as Commissioners.  These members have been with tcmd for a long time.  They know how to navigate the workbooks, understand the guidelines and are respected within the forum.  Please show them some love.  

  • Early morning thru late afternoon will be managed by @BowserBroncos
  • Evenings will be managed by @squire12
  •  I, @ny92mike will be available most afternoons and nights.

Team Team Abbr. General Manager Hyperlinks Asst. GM/Head Coach
Arizona Cardinals ARI LuckyNumber11 HoboRocket
Atlanta Falcons ATL whodatOL  
Baltimore Ravens BAL mike23md  
Buffalo Bills BUF KingOfNewYork  
Carolina Panthers CAR BringinDaPain  
Chicago Bears CHI Forge  
Cincinnati Bengals CIN sparky151  
Cleveland Browns CLE cortes02  
Dallas Cowboys DAL D82  
Denver Broncos DEN BowserBroncos  
Detroit Lions DET winitall  
Green Bay Packers GB squire12 MaximusGluteus
Houston Texans HOU jch1911  
Indianapolis Colts IND Counselor  
Jacksonville Jaguars JAC pwny  
Kansas City Chiefs KC samsel23  
Las Vegas Raiders LVR Trojan drfrey13
Los Angeles Chargers LAC carrolljcmc  
Los Angeles Rams LAR dcat  
Miami Dolphins MIA FinneasGage  
Minnesota Vikings MIN Uncle Buck  
New England Patriots NE DoleINGout Deadpulse
New Orleans Saints NO JetsandI  
New York Giants NYG ny92mike YogiBiz
New York Jets NYJ bcb1213  
Philadelphia Eagles PHI T-rade  
Pittsburgh Steelers PIT Cbrunn  
San Francisco 49ers SF Justone2  
Seattle Seahawks SEA Heymangold  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB mountainpd  
Tennessee Titans TEN Daniel SerenityNow
Washington Football Team WAS MikeT14  
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breaking news trinity GIF

Total Control has officially opened their League Office

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors it's Total Control Time!

Happy Fresh Prince GIF by Nick At Nite

We are currently accepting the following types of transactions.

Cuts, June 1st Release, Franchise/Transition Tag, RFA Tenders, ERFA Tenders, Restructure, Extensions and Trades but be sure to post your trades in the TCMD Trade Approval Thread, which will be up shortly.

When posting these transactions be sure to include the ID - Player Name - Pos and a brief description of the transaction type.  For transactions such as RFA Tender and Tag be sure to detail the type.



@LuckyNumber11 @whodatOL @mike23md @KingOfNewYork @BringinDaPain @Forge @sparky151 @cortes02 @D82 @BowserBroncos @winitall @squire12 @jch1911 @Counselor @pwny @samsel23 @Trojan @carrolljcmc @dcat @FinneasGage @Uncle Buck @DoleINGout @JetsandI @ny92mike @bcb1213 @T-rade @Cbrunn @Justone2 @Heymangold @mountainpd @Daniel @MikeT14

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The Atlanta Falcons announce a number of transactions:

Retain ERFAs:

1071 - Jaeden Graham - TE

0473 - Christian Blake - WR

1067 - Jacob Tuioti-Mariner - 43DE

2504 - Younghoe Koo - K



0715 - Deion Jones - ILB



0949 - Grady Jarrett - 43DT

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9 minutes ago, whodatOL said:

The Atlanta Falcons announce a number of transactions:

Retain ERFAs:

1071 - Jaeden Graham - TE

0473 - Christian Blake - WR

1067 - Jacob Tuioti-Mariner - 43DE

2504 - Younghoe Koo - K



0715 - Deion Jones - ILB



0949 - Grady Jarrett - 43DT

Sorry for quoting my post, but have to put the Jarrett extension on hold. Just saw that the cap number for 2021 seems to be wrong. The cap number after the extension doesn´t add the already existing base guaranteed. Will it add to the new money or will it be included in the new money over the years? @ny92mike

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Chicago Bears 

Tender erfa: 

1790 - Michael Joseph - CB

1134 - James Vaughters - 34OLB

0062 - Alex Bars - LG

2122 - Ryan Nall - RB

1395 - Josh Woods - ILB

1039 - JP Holtz - TE


Tender RFA 

0849 - Eddy Pineiro - K *Original Round Tender 


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