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Judge my (pre week 17) Mock

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So I did a mock draft for the Colts, using The Draft Network mock machine. 
no trades (I’m not a premium member) 

1st round QBs were: Jaguars - Lawrence; Lions - Fields; Cowboys - Wilson; 49ers - Lance

Jets took Ja’Marr Chase #2 and Peneii Sewell went #3 

R1-18 CB Jaycee Horn 

R2-50 OT Alex Leatherwood 

R3-81 Edge Quincy Roche

R4-119 S Caden Stearns 

R5-158 WR Justyn Ross

R6-196 TE Nick Eubanks 

R7-238 RB Elijah Mitchell 

I had a tough time deciding between WR Devonte Smith and CB Jaycee Horn but I’m not that well versed on CBs after round 1 so I wasn’t sure I’d get any good ones 

QB Jamie Newman was available in the 3rd round but I chose Edge over him and after that there were no draft able QBs available 

IMO Stearns is looked at as a versatile piece in the secondary and not a replacement for anyone in particular, except of course for Hooker. 

Of the last three picks, I didn’t see any recognizable names except Ross because a YouTuber doing a WFT franchise drafted him. That’s it. Eubanks was the best available TE and one of the few players of a position that hadn’t already been drafted. There was a LBer and Mitchell available in the 7th who were ranked in the top 253 (meaning draftable) and I decided to go RB 

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