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Week 17 GDT:The Jets come to Town

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6 minutes ago, CP3MVP said:

Cam might be the tallest QB in the league and he still gets his balls batted down every game 

Considering that he doesn't seem to be able to lift his elbow up to a proper throwing position, that's not surprising, lol.

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This game is tough .. I hate the Jets and never want to lose to them.. but I would really rather have a better draft pick and I'll probably forget about this loss in a week. 

I also think this Jets offense is much better than most people say.. they need a better OL but they've got a few pretty good receivers.. and of course while I'm typing that Darnold throws an INT

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I believe if you win you end up with the 15th pick assuming 49ers lose... if you lose you could end up as high as 9.. that's a pretty huge difference. If they lose I believe the most likely is around 12 but still, it adds up especially at the beginning of the draft. 

If they are interested in Lance that could be the difference between getting him and not. It seems unlikely that the Jets will be able to win this game though so the 15th pick is really the worse place you can be in all of the draft.. top guys are gone and you're really in that no mans land of over drafting late 1st round guys. So it's either getting first grab at the second tier players or trade back and add picks which we all know BB loves. 

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2 minutes ago, Crimmage said:

The real question now for the Jets is going to be Wilson or Fields.. no chance they keep Darnold. 

Will be interesting to see how much they get for him in a trade 

Based on this game their lucky to get a 5th!  Boy he stinks

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