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Week 17 - GDT - Saints (11-4) @ Panthers (5-10)

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All things considered, our team did well today. 

Sure, our defense looked just eeh, but we did hold the Panthers to 7. I won't talk about the 5 picks because they were primarily lousy layup shots.

Our offense did really well without our marquee guys (Kamara, Thomas, Murray). And our D did alright without CGJ, and even Swearinger, even though most people don't put much faith in the later of the 2.

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I believe we are the first team to sweep the NFCS. Pretty impressive. Apart from that what can you say? I think it was clear Payton and Brees were planning worst case scenario. Keeping the starting O-line and Brees in to create some sort of chemistry in case Kamara and the rest of the RB room can't go next week.

D played well but how well we do in the playoffs is going to come down to if we can cover underneath. Kwon gave us that while he was there, Anzalone has some big shoes to fill.

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2 minutes ago, Jlowe22 said:

Ty Montgomery 18 carries for 105 yds, 5.8 YPC

OVer 150 yards rushing with all RBs out.

Impressive, really. And kudos to Monty for coming in when needed, and nailing it!

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Best case scenario for us IMO:

We kinda get screwed for winning division, as the Bucs will get the arguably easier game and we don't get a bye like 2nd seed always had in the past.  But it could work out in our favor if

NFC east beats Bucs, Rams beat Seahawks.

We beat NFC East, Rams beat Packers.

We beat Rams and get our revenge.

All three games at home againsty the arguable worst opponents with a combined record of 24-24(or 25-23).

It's not that farfetched, Bucs almost lost to Giants earlier in the year, Rams could beat Seahawks, and Packers have struggled against some great defenses.

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Like our chances at Home against Chicago. Our defense should be able to take care of Chicago's offense shutting down Trubisky and Montgomery. Ideally we get the Sunday game, so Kamara can play, if not, I still like our odds. We will likely have Michael Thomas and Deonte Harris back next week, so that should give us a nice spark heading into the playoffs. Brees is looking better coming back from the injury. As long as he plays within his limits and doesn't try to play hero ball, I like our odds to make a deep playoff run. Our defense is the best we've had in the Sean Payton Era, and we should have our OL mostly healthy and our main weapons ready to go.

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